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Enhanced services 2013/14 

This page outlines the enhanced services changes for 2013/14.

As part of the 2013/14 GMS contract changes, four new enhanced services were developed by the NHS England and offered to practices on a preferred basis. These were:

  • the identification and management of patients identified as seriously ill or at risk of emergency hospital admission
  • a proactive approach to the timely assessment of patients who may be at risk of dementia
  • preparatory work to support the subsequent introduction of remote care monitoring for patients
  • enabling patients to utilise electronic communications for appointment booking and obtaining repeat prescriptions.

In addition to the four new ESs, the following existing DESs were rolled over in England, for the twelve month period ending on 31 March 2014:

Form fillingThe requirements for the four existing DESs remained the same and the payment scheme for extended hours, alcohol reduction and learning disabilities mirrored the payment scheme at the same rate that applied for the period 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012. Payments for the patient participation scheme were amended to reflect the change from a two-year scheme to a one-year scheme.

The remote care monitoring (preparation) scheme required that practices submit an end of year return for the purposes of payment and validation. A template provided a summary of the local decisions against requirements of the enhanced service and could be download in word and excel for local use.

Further information relating to these schemes can be found in the Guidance on Enhanced Services (ES) in 2013/14.

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