#Blogtober: DoOD and Jelly - An Ode to Dr. Seuss

Paul Deemer

06 / 10 / 2014 12.01am

By Paul Deemer

#Blogtober Day: Monday 6 October

My childhood story hero
Is the famous Dr Seuss
His books were like a tonic
Mixed not with gin – but juice!
His rhymes and lines enthralled me
His words just made me heady
He made me want to ready, go!
When I wasn’t even steady!

Now you might think this irrelevant
When talking about OD
But believe me there are elephants
In every faculty!
So I want to share my story
Through the words of Dr Seuss
And hope that they might resonate
Or even be of use.

So when I think of DoOD
I think at first of jelly
And then I think of Kojak
Who used to be on telly
And then I think spaghetti
(‘Cos I’m always up for food!)
And then reality hits me
And I think again of DoOD.

But DoOD is such a slippery thing
It wriggles like an eel
It’s impossible to see or touch
And invisible to feel
It floats around like ether
(Neither one thing or the other)
It hates it if you look at it
And quickly runs for cover.

Do OD is sneaky
It creeps around at night
And tries to find the gaps and holes
That open up the light.

Do OD is crafty
It never ceases to surprise
It has a brain the size of Spain
And a million staring eyes.

Do OD is clever
It knows just what you’re thinking
It has the strength to launch a ship
And the sense to stop it sinking.

Do OD is caring
It wants to make things good
It wants to make the place we work
Be everything it should.

Do OD’s inclusive
It wants to make things right
It wants to give us equal shares
Without the need to fight.

Do OD is mindful
It thinks about us all
Whether facing up to challenges
Or backs against the wall.

Do OD is helpful
It wants to be your friend
But look at me – I need to stop
I’ve nearly reached the end

My childhood story hero
Has helped me tell this tale
And now I need to round things up
Like cowboys rounding cows.

I need to find an ending
That’s not a piece of string
I need to end on something
That isn’t just a thing.

Do OD’s the answer
It has so many guises
It comes in lots of different forms
And many different sizes
It has a size to fit you
And a vast array of styles
It holds your hand and helps you
As you walk a million miles.
It guides you to the rainbow
And when you’re nearly ready
You wake up and you look around
And all you see is jelly!

Paul Deemer is the Head of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights at NHS Employers and can be contacted via Twitter @NHSE_Paul, email address or via Linked In.

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