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NHS Change Day

10 / 3 / 2015 4pm

If you missed Change Day, you can catch up with videos from the entire live broadcast

Live updates on #Changeathon activities in the build up to, and on NHS Change Day.

09.30 - 12 March 2015

It's the morning after the Changeathon and we're all back in the office. The #Changeathon buzz is still very much alive and after checking the twitter statistics this morning, we have discovered we hit the four million mark for twitter impressions! The statistics are:

  • 4,041,797 impressions
  • 839 tweets
  • 421 participants

There's lots of chat about keeping the change momentum going and we're all taking a look at The Edge - a virtual hub of resources developed by the creative thinkers behind NHS Change Day.

19.01 - Final blog of the day!

Hi Marita here blogging live (just) from the studio. I’m really happy to have been given the opportunity to work on the mammoth task that is the Changeathon. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of meetings, telephone calls and video conferences, how fantastic that all our ideas have come together so brilliantly. I personally feel that the NHS Change Day Changeathon has been a huge success, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and hard work of the whole team. Big shout out to everyone involved and to all of you out there in the NHS who have pledged changes and played a part in making the NHS better and improving patient care. I feel privileged to have been part of #Changeathon. Roll on next year!!

18.00 - 11 March 2015

Hi Julie here checking in for the final hour of #Changeathon, blogging live from the studio where energy levels are still remarkably high. Diversity Challenge has just finished, how did you do, were you on your buzzers? Coming up in the final hour Simon Stevens shares his views of NHS Change Day and we go live to Imperial College where they are running a movie night with staff. Stay with us and let us know what you think of the Changeathon and all the fantastic activities and keep pledging your changes and tweeting #Changeathon. 

With one hour of the changeathon to go, we're nearly at 4 million influencers on our #Changeathon hashtag! The numbers (so far) are:

  • 3,747,325 impressions
  • 744 tweets
  • 379 participants

17.15 - 11 March 2015

Time for another global skype call, amazing! Just had two really emotional and inspiring changeathon stories including Tommy Whitelaw and his personal dementia story. Jen Kenward and Ambeya Begum were also in the studio discussing pinky pledges, a campaign to raise awareness for the work young carers do. Here is a picture of them and their pinky promise!

Pinky promise!

16.48 - 11 March 2015

We've just had a special visit from one of our OD team members #doodwhereismydood who made it into the studio for a quick five minutes on the sofa with John the presenter. They had a very engaging conversation about organisational development within the NHS #DoOD.

John and DoOD 

16.03 - 11 March 2015

#NHSChangeDay is trending in London!

NHSChangeDay trending london

16.00 - 11 March 2015

As we head into our tenth hour - let's check out twitter #Changeathon - the numbers (so far) 

  • 3,298,207 impressions
  • 666 tweets
  • 356 participants

15.30 - 11 March 2015

Great news! We have just hit three million influences on Twitter! The #Changeathon hashtag is all over the corporate twitter news feed with lots of people tuning in from all over the country.

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far) 

  • 3,276,274 impressions
  • 658 tweets
  • 354 participants

We're looking forward to more visitors from the office soon - Ailsa.

14.50 - 11 March 2015

Ailsa here again, blogging from the studio. We've just seen a great video from Ron Daniels talking about the Sepsis UK campaign and here's a picture from the live Sepsis awareness discussion in the studio.

studio discussions

14.45 - 11 March 2015

Changeathon sketch

This is David’s amazing sketch of the live studio that he drew earlier during his visit here! It’s also on the @nhsemployers twitter page so go take a look and retweet. David has just been called out by name by the presenter and the picture has just been shown on the changeathon, go David!

Ruth May is now talking about the Stop the Pressure campaign so broadcast now from your desktop or tablet!

14.30 - 11 March 2015

Hi, it's Jaquie at #Changeathon HQ - the studio is buzzing with crew, guests and #Changeathon bods. Coming up in the next hour, we've got some great VTs from Leicester Hospital, Ruth May, Helen Bevan and Jane Cummings. #Changeathon presenter James Mason will give the all important social media updates. Keep tweeting people!

14.05 - 11 March 2015

Fran here from NHS Employers - just back from the #Changeathon studios and the atmosphere is incredible! Everyone is buzzing with all the amazing change stories being shared. What a brilliant day. Tweet if you're loving the #Changeathon! 

13.57 - 11 March 2015

More live studio action at 2pm with a sepsis panel discussion featuring paediatric intensivist Dr Jeremy Tong and Dr Amanda Newnham, children’s kidney doctor. What is it and what can we do about it?

13.39 - 11 March 2015

Hi, Jaquie here picking up the reins on our #Changeathon blog. I'll be with you for the next couple of hours. Make sure you're watching the amazing interviews and footage on the live stream, and tweet us @nhsemployers using our special hashtag #Changeathon. What change will you make?

12.13 - 11 March 2015

Now into our sixth hour and we're still going. It's amazing how people from across the NHS are getting involved in this epic day - the pledges keep on coming and the tweets are never ending.

12.05 - 11 March 2015

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far)

  • 2,644,095 impressions
  • 557 tweets
  • 323 participants

10.49 - 11 March 2015

#NHSChangeDay was trending a while ago - can we get #Changeathon trending?

change day trends

10.39 - 11 March 2015

Hey it's Darran - i'm back at my desk watching the live stream - where are you watching - tweet us and let us know @NHSEmployers #Changeathon. It's not too late to register.

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far)

  • 2,217,881 impressions
  • 459 tweets
  • 279 participants

10.00 - 11 March 2015

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far)

  • 1,798,491 impressions
  • 406 tweets
  • 251 participants

09.50 - 11 March 2015

It's Ailsa here, tweeting from the studio and watching the Changeathon live. We are already three hours in with so much more great content to come. It's fantastic to have Kate Granger live in the studio with us discussing her #hellomynameis campaign, it's hard not to be inspired! 

08.57 - 11 March 2015

It's Darran - signing off for the time being - but before I go here's the latest...

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far)

  • 1,523,317 impressions
  • 363 tweets
  • 233 participants

08.45 - 11 March 2015

Coming up soon an interview with Kate Granger - don't miss it - tune in now - 12 hour live broadcast - @NHSChangeDay 

08.19 - 11 March 2015

And now a live link up with Change Day in Jordan - this really is a worldwide affair.

08.15 - 11 March 2015

Live link up to Change Day Australia - WOW!!!

08.01 - 11 March 2015

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far)

  • 1,135,202 impressions
  • 302 tweets
  • 211 participants

07.29 - 11 March 2015

#Changeathon - the numbers (so far)

  • 605,928 impressions
  • 168 tweets
  • 134 participants

07.22 - 11 March 2015

Are you tuned in to the live broadcast?

07.11 - 11 March 2015

Sally Gunnell OBE opened the day with her inspirational video - powerful stuff - makes me want to run a marathon - oh wait a minute am I!!


07.00 - 11 March 2015 

Morning everyone - it's Darran from the comms team - i've arrived at the studio in Leeds ready to help out for the next couple of hours - let's do this!!!

16.14 - 10 March 2015

Darran holding Change Day sign

It's Darran from NHS Employers communications team. Twitter is going crazy today with people from across the NHS gearing up for the NHS Change Day #Changeathon. The work that has gone into the production of this event is crazy - and in such a short space of time. It's amazing what can be achieved when teams pull together. We've dressed the office ready for the day and will be poised at the TV screen ready to watch the 12-hour broadcast.

#Changethon - the numbers (so far)

  • 590,820 - impressions
  • 172 - tweets
  • 138 - participants

Don't miss out - register now to watch and join in the conversations #Changeathon @NHSChangeDay

13.15 - 10 March 2015

Jonathan here from the NHS Employers AV production team. Less than 24 hours away from Change Day and we're nearly there! We've edited over 40 videos in just 10 days. We've seen some fantastic stories and pledges from your submissions, thank you so much! We've got some very tired editors in the office but can't wait to see your pledges, videos, and change actions live tomorrow. It's going to be a great day so hope you can all tune in tomorrow between 7am - 7pm. Join us for the webcast

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