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30 / 4 / 2015 Midnight

For April, we are showcasing a team of OD Superstars from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH).

  • Rebecca Carlin has worked at NUH for nearly two years in the OD team as an Organisational Development Professional, and prior to worked in the Logistics industry.
  • Ian McBride has worked at NUH since May 2012, following a period of running his own consultancy business. He enjoyed it that much that I now works for NUH leading a great OD team in a fascinating organisation with a real appetite for doing OD stuff.
  • Paula Ward has worked at NUH since October 2008, and joined the NHS because there seemed to be a great opportunity and appetite to do OD.
1. How would you describe your team’s role in the organisation? 

We build and develop capability and capacity within NUH; we have an OD way of working that seems to work well for the OD team and our clients and customers. Most of our work is commissioned and bespoke. 

2. What does OD mean to you?

Rebecca: Supporting people and the organisation to maximise its potential.
Ian: An opportunity to pursue my curiosity and fascination in how people behave in organisations and harness and direct energy and potential to do some really interesting things with others.
Paula: Making a difference for patients by supporting individuals, teams and services to be the very best they can be.

3. What OD projects are you most proud of? 

NUH Academy launch, Events in the Tents, the great feedback from our clients and customers and the NUH OD way of working. 100% of our clients are ‘very satisfied’ with our work and would recommend us to others.

4. What would you like to learn more about? 

Rebecca: Neuro- Linguistic Programming
Ian: Continual learning about self and impact on other people
Paula: Systems thinking…a very interesting topic

5. Who inspires you most? 

Rebecca: The people I work with that have a passion to make a real difference to our organisation and the people we serve.
Ian: I am continuously inspired by the people I work with at NUH.
Paula: Patients – they really value our NHS and trust us to do our best for them.

6. What’s your one 'must read' book / article / website on OD?

Rebecca: Michael West speaks a lot of sense and there are lots of videos on YouTube out there.
Ian: I love my books. Peter Fuda’s ‘Leadership Transformed’ and Adam Grant’s  ‘Give and Take: Why helping others drives our success’ are two recent recommendations. Peter Senge's ‘The Fifth Discipline’ is the one book however that I can regularly pick up, open anywhere, read a few paragraphs and feel re-energised about what I do. 
Paula: ‘Challenging Coaching’ by John Blakey and Ian Day – coaching with a systems twist.

7. What would you like to achieve in 2015? 

Rebecca: I am working on a Knowledge Management System within NUH would like this to be live by the end of the year.
Ian: Brand NUH Academy established internally and externally, and Team NUH OD reaching new heights of professional excellence. On a non-work front, I have recently bought a new house and have some grand plans and ideas that I would like to realise with my other half in 2015.
Paula: Real alignment of all our change, improvement and transformation work e.g. process, safety and OD.

8. What would your motto be?

Rebecca: Enjoy what you do
Ian: Keep finding fascination in others I meet (from Nancy Kline).
Paula: Let it go (from Frozen!) whether it be an idea, an issue, a problem, a worry, an inhibition – just let it go and see what transpires….one thing’s for sure you’ll learn something! 

9. What advice would you give to a budding OD professional?

Rebecca: Network with like-minded people including social media.
Ian: Let learning more and knowing less be a source of energy for you. 
Paula: Keep well connected to front line staff and patients/relatives/carers.

10. What is your favourite sandwich? 

Rebecca: Prawn
Ian: Cheese and Beetroot
Paula:  (very mild) Cheese 

If you have any questions about the OD team at Nottingham University Hospital and their work, then please feel free to connect with them:

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