The 6 Ws to ask yourself before you post


13 / 9 / 2013 11.12am

Maintaining consistency and quality of your content across different social platforms can be difficult. Here are six questions highlighted by, to ask yourself before you post anything on social media platforms:

1. Why am I posting this?

You're answer should be: ‘because it is relevant to the community and provides value.’

Social content shouldn't be an afterthought, a filler or a box to tick. Don't post just because your CEO asked you to or because another organisation did it.

Adding value to your content is what makes your content special and shareable - you must entertain, inform and advise. This is what will make people want to engage with you.

2. Who is it for?

Your content must speak directly to your audience and have a consistent tone of voice on and offline. Don't just jargon or slang to ‘talk to the kids’ if your brand doesn’t always talk like that and aren't your target audience.

Make the content speak to your target audience and review and optimise your tone and style regularly.

You’ll reach more people talking to the right people than trying to reach more people by talking to everyone.

3. What do I want to achieve?

Most social content is confused. The call to action isn’t clear and it fails by trying to do too much.

Everything you post should want to achieve something. If it doesn’t, then don’t post.

4. When am I posting this?

Your social content strategy needs to take time into account - when are your audience online? When are they on Twitter?

The days of ‘this has to go on out immediately’ should be well in the past. Your audience dictates when you post.

5. Where am I posting this?

Not all content works on all platforms, not all platforms engage with content in the same way, and each platform is home to a different community.

A tweet consists of 140 characters. A Facebook post however, has room for 63,206 characters, which is around 10,000 words. But should you post a 10,000 word status update? No!

Each platform you choose to operate in needs its own content strategy. If the piece of content you want to post isn’t right for a particular platform, don’t post it there.

6. How else can I say this?

Too many updates are written once and posted first time.

Good copy is as little copy as possible. Can you say it in fewer words? Can you say it visually?

Think about your own news feed. What do you like to see? What would you click on?

Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. And when you’re done, write it again.


Once you’ve explored these questions, you should be confident that you’ve got a solid, valuable piece of social content on your hands.

But there is one final variable in the social content equation that is just as important: YOU.

If you wouldn’t read it, if you wouldn’t comment or share or click, don’t post it.

Your audience won’t tolerate bad content. You shouldn’t either.

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