Annex 4: Working or providing emergency cover outside normal hours

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On-call and other extended service cover

1. In order to assist local partnerships who are reviewing on-call in line with Section 2 (England and Wales) or Section 2 (Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Annex 29 the location of each of the Whitley on-call systems, in the Handbooks and Advance Letters of the functional Whitley Councils, is indicated below.

Nurses and midwives:    Section 5: Stand-by and On-Call
allowances - Emergency Duties
Nursing and Midwifery Staffs
Negotiating Council Handbook
Professions Allied to
Medicine (PAMS: 
  Section 3: Emergency Duty
Payments: Professions Allied to
Medicine and Related Grades
of Staff (PTA) Council Handbook
NHS Staff covered by the
Maintenance Advisory Panel
  Section 4: On-call duty:
Maintenance Staff Pay and
Conditions of Service Handbook
Administrative and
Clerical staff: 
  Section 22: Emergency Duty
Payments: Administrative and
Clerical Staffs' Council Pay and
Conditions of Service Handbook 
Ancillary staff:    Section 11: On-call Duty: Ancillary
Staffs Council Handbook
Professional and technical
Staff (estate officers;
MTOs; ATOs; biomedical
scientists; pathology support
and dental auxiliaries): 
  Section 4: Emergency Duties
PTB Council Handbook (the "green"
Scientific and professional staff   
Whole-time healthcare
chaplains and whole-
time healthcare chaplains' 
  Appendix E to Advance Letter (SP)
3/2002: local out of hours
Speech and language

No provision:
Clinical psychologists and
child psychologists 
  No provision:
Healthcare pharmacists:    Advance Letter (PH) 1/86
Paragraph 4: emergency duty service
and Appendix C to Advance Letter
(PH) 1/2004 emergency duty
commitment allowance
Healthcare scientists and
  Appenix D to Advance Letter (SP)

Information note number 1: amendment number 34

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