How retire and return benefits our staff and our organisation

Flexible retirement helps staff to change the nature or pattern of their work in the lead-up to retirement, to suit their future plans.

8 August 2022

It allows organisations and staff to be flexible about:  

  • the age at which staff retire  
  • the length of time staff take to retire  
  • the nature and pattern of work in the lead up to final retirement. 

We spoke with Roz Norman, staff side chair and partnership lead, who chose the retire and return option and Rob Simcox, director of people who manages Roz, from Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, about how flexible retirement benefits both the employer and employee.

In this short video, Roz talks us through her career in the NHS and highlights the benefits of being in the NHS Pension Scheme as well as the benefits of retire and return.

In our chat with Rob, he explained how flexible retirement benefits the trust and supports retention. Rob also shared his top tips on how to support staff:


Run sessions about flexible retirement for staff that covers all the basics and include your pay and pension experts to support answering questions.



Have conversations with staff individually to discuss what the consequences are of accessing their pension earlier or later. 




Drive the flexibility conversation across the organisation, make sure it’s well advertised and clear it’s open to all.




Be supportive, open, honest and transparent in your conversations with staff.



Our flexible retirement page shares real life examples of how you and your organisation can benefit from flexible retirement.