The NHS People Plan - workforce health and wellbeing

Details of the health and wellbeing asks from the NHS People Plan, together with resources and guidance to help employers complete the actions.

18 February 2022

The NHS People Plan was published by NHS England on in July 2020, and sets out the actions that organisations, employers, staff and systems need to take.

The NHS people plan includes a specific commitment on looking after our people, which clearly outlines the actions we must take to keep NHS staff safe, healthy and well, both physically and psychologically, with quality health and wellbeing support for everyone.

The actions for employers fall under three areas:

  • health and safety
  • physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • flexible working.

We have summarised the specific asks under each area and have signposted to relevant tools, resources and guidance that can support you as employers to carry out the actions.

The plan also includes the NHS People Promise, which outlines behaviours and actions that staff can expect from NHS leaders and colleagues, to improve the experience of working in the NHS for everyone.

Read the full plan: We are the NHS: People Plan for 2020/2021 and supporting 2022/23 priorities and operational planning guidance.