Stage 2: Job analysis and job evaluation course

This training course is designed for trained job matching practitioners who wish to train as job analysts and members of job evaluation panels.
Agenda for change

24 May 2021

What is job analysis and job evaluation?

Local job evaluation is required when there is no national profile, due to the job being unique or significantly different or a match to a national profile has proved impossible. It involves a postholder completing a job analysis questionnaire (JAQ), working with job analysts and line management to ensure the JAQ contains all relevant information, which is then evaluated by a job evaluation panel.

Who is it designed for?

This training programme is designed for delegates who wish to train as job analysts and members of local job evaluation panels.  It should only be delivered by accredited trainers.

Aims of the course

  • To know how to analyse and evaluated jobs using a JAQ.
  • To be able to work with a partner.
  • To know how bias can occur in job analysis and job evaluation.
  • To be able to complete the appropriate documentation.


  • Once successful training has taken place, participants will be qualified to be a job analyst or sit on a job evaluation panel made up of both management and staff representatives.
  • Delegates will not be qualified to sit on a job matching panel unless they have already completed the two-day job matching course
  • Participants will not be qualified to train other individuals in job analysis/evaluation.  Only those approved by the NHS Staff Council Job Evaluation Group are qualified to deliver training in partnership.

Course commissioner information

Course times

Courses run from 09:30am to no later than 5pm each day.  Trainers will arrive between 08:30am and 9am to set up. Training rooms to be booked for 08:30am to 05:30pm to allow for set up and break down.

Number of delegates per course

  • Minimum of 10
  • Maximum of 24

Course cost

  • Two day job matching training £4,000 plus VAT
  • Trainer expenses up to £1,000 plus VAT
  • External printing of course materials (if required). Please see below.*

Venue requirements

  • One main training room cabaret style - capacity 10-24 delegates plus two trainers.
  • One breakout room with desks/tables - capacity 5-12.
  • Flipchart and pens in each room.
  • PC/laptop connected to screen/projector in main room.

Course materials

All materials will be emailed in advance, to be printed by the commissioner.

Printing capacity/costs (responsibility of the commissioner):

Due to the volume of course materials that require printing (approximately 450 pages per participant), you will need to ensure that your department has the capacity to print these materials or allow for approximately £280 for printing by an external company.

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Centrally run JAJE courses

We aim to run at least two centrally run JAJE courses per year for individuals.  If you wish to attend a centrally run JAJE course, please complete our form to request a place and be added to the waiting list.  This course costs £200+VAT per delegate.  Staff side and management side colleagues attending together in partnership are eligible for a discounted rate of £160+VAT per delegate.

If you would like to request a place on a centrally run JAJE course please complete this form.