Summary of updates to pre-employment check standards

This page is updated each time we make an amendment and will help you quickly identify changes.

4 January 2021

Type of check What's been updated When was the update
Criminal record check
  • Pages 15-16: Updated overseas police check requirements and removed subsections 'Recruiting from non-EEA and EU/EEA countries' to make clear requirements when recruiting from outside the UK.
  • NB: this standard was also updated in November 2020 to reflect changes to the DBS filtering rules.
January 2021
Employment history and reference check
  • Pages 3-4: Clarified guidance outlining how employers can use the most recent reference in NHS to NHS moves, rather than gaining employment history for the past three years.
  • Page 9: New section on armed forces references and using a certificate of service as a potential reference.
  • Page 9: Updated section to highlight how employers should report any serious concerns on discrepancies in information provided to NHS Counter Fraud Authority. 
April 2019
Identity check
  • Pages 10-11: Updated lists of acceptable documents to reflect requirements across the system. Removed EU specific guidance in line with right to work guidance from 1 July 2021.
  • Ensured links throughout link to most up to date information.
July 2021
Professional registration and qualification check
  • Pages 4-5: Updated the 'Recruiting from the European Union (EU)' section to detail transitional arrangements to recognising professional qualifications. 
January 2021
Right to work check
  • Page 3: Updated 'Online checks' section to remove differentiation between EU and non-UK nationals. Updated the list of documents the Home Office online checking service supports.
  • Page 4 - 5: Included text to outline when a manual check should be conducted.
    Ensured references made to most up to date legislation. 
    Removed inclusion of EEA passport and EEA national identity card from 'valid and current' rule.
  • Pages 8 - 10: Re-write of 'EEA nationals right to work evidence' section to reflect changes to right to work requirements for EEA citizens from 1 July 2021.
    Removal of separate 'EU Settlement Scheme' section as information out of date as of 1 July 2021.
  • Page 12: Removal of 'Appendix 1: guidance on specific forms of documentation' as information out of date as of 1 July 2021.
  • Ensured external links throughout documents signpost to most up to date information.
July 2021
Work health assessment
  • Page 8 - we included the government's announcement in August that staff entering care homes must be vaccinated before doing so. We included signposts to where employers can see more info on the NHSE/I and DHSC websites.
August 2021