Where T Levels fit with existing routes

Find out how T Levels fit with other routes into post-16 education options for young people.

13 January 2021

T Level programmes will be a level 3 qualification and will sit alongside A Levels and apprenticeships as options available to 16-19-year olds. While in their final year of school, students will apply to complete a T Level programme in the same way they would with A Levels.

The purpose of T Levels is to prepare students for entry into skilled employment, higher-level apprenticeships, or higher education. As a T Level is very work-specific, young people gain more industry skills through their learning compared to A levels. This means students will gain knowledge, skills, and behaviours necessary for employment related to their field of study but will not gain the in-depth detail expected from an occupation specific apprenticeship.

T Levels aim to:

  • prepare students to join the sector with transferable skills and knowledge which can be utilised in a range of entry-level roles
  • allow you to showcase the breadth and depth of roles available in the NHS, including shortage occupations and hard to fill roles
  • provide an opportunity to tap into new talent pipelines and showcase the NHS as a great place to work
  • provide a new supply route into a variety of professions using T Level pathways.

The occupational maps for T Level programmes outline career pathways for progression after completion of T Level programmes. There is a full range of T Level programmes available which will support the NHS including: health, healthcare science, science, business services, childcare, digital, facilities management and HR. View the full list of T Levels and the occupations they can lead to.

Upon completion of a T Level, a young person could enter the NHS at entry-level in roles such as: administrator or healthcare support worker; or onto level three apprenticeships such as business administration.

For more information, including guidance, tools and resources visit employer industry placements.