Enabling staff movement

COVID-19 collaborative working

NHS England and NHS Improvement are working with key partners to update advice to enable urgent short-term/emergency staff movements for substantive staff and bank workers. 

The Enabling Staff Movement Toolkit was launched in July 2019 to allow staff to temporarily move more freely and easily between different NHS settings. The toolkit mitigates the requirement for staff to undergo employment checks such as health clearance or DBS checks; core skills training; and induction with every host organisation. Instead, parties to the agreement will accept checks undertaken by co-signatories so that an individual staff member can begin work quickly. Any deployment of staff under such agreements must be with their individual consent. To protect and support all parties, employers are encouraged to consider the following when making these agreements: 

  • What is the best geographic scope for the multi-party agreement? The greater the geography the greater the potential for staff to move. 
  • Which staff groups will most likely need to move between organisations during this time? 
  • Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trust (CNST) Indemnity considerations to ensure workforce sharing is covered. 
  • Data sharing and GDPR considerations. 
  • Arrangements for identity verification. 
  • Right to work restrictions. 
  • Individual worker restrictions, such as correct level of DBS. 
  • Practical considerations such as IT access and uniforms. 
  • Preparing a brief welcome and site induction.  

A COVID-19 digital staff passport is currently being developed and tested by NHS England and NHS Improvement in conjunction with NHSX and a reference group of NHS HR leaders. This passport creates an embedded licence to attend agreement and stores verified credentials securely on the staff member’s smartphone.

The Enabling Staff Movements Toolkit and new passporting solution will help NHS organisations move staff safely, quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy. It is crucial the system is robustly tested to ensure it meets expectations and is safe to use for both employers and staff members. Once testing is complete, the passport is expected to be fully rolled out for NHS organisations in the coming weeks.

Using health/disability passports to support disabled staff movements

Health passports are used within the NHS to support staff who have a disability, long-term health condition, mental health issue or learning disability/difficulty. The passport records information about an individual’s condition, any reasonable adjustments they may have in place and any difficulties they face.

A health passport supports the movement of staff within the NHS and allows information to be shared for individuals who transfer from one role to another. The passport helps to ensure there is a clear record and can be used by line managers to understand what is needed in the workplace to help the individual carry out their role. Find out more information and access an example health passport.

Further information

Learn more about enabling staff movements, digital passporting and streamlining by visiting our enabling staff movements web pages.

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