Guardians of safe working hours virtual conference

Our virtual conference for guardians helped to gain a broader understanding of the role and hear and share best practice.

General information

9 December 2021 10:00 - 16:00 GMT
Open to all

This event was a key opportunity for guardians to gain a broader understanding of the role, hear and share best practice, discuss how to overcome any challenges and enjoy networking time throughout the day with fellow guardians from across the country.

The breakout sessions explored how to overcome new ways of working and look at the importance of maintaining your own work-life balance.

The day's agenda

Download the agenda.


A few highlights for the day

You are not a frog

Dr Rachel Morris is a GP, turned executive coach and trainer and is the host of the podcast: You Are Not A Frog.

In this talk we considered how to overcome the challenges presented when leading people through the COVID crisis and new ways of working. It looked at the importance of maintaining your own work-life balance and why managers feel so responsible for their teams.

Fines: why, how and what to do with them

Guardians shared the challenges of NROC rotas and what solutions they have found to overcome these.

Exception reporting to effect change

Guardians shared experiences of how they have used exception reporting to make positive changes to individual departments and organisations. 

Custom rostering system (CRS)

Skills for Health highlighted its new intelligent eRostering system, CRS. Guardians had the opportunity to feedback on a number of enhanced features including exception reporting.