The status of additional guidance

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This chapter sets out the status of additional guidance on interpreting and applying the Agenda for Change (AFC) job evaluation (JE) system and profiles.

1. Guidance approved by the NHS Staff Council Executive

1.1 The Job Evaluation Handbook contains all the guidance on interpreting and applying the AfC JE scheme and profiles, which have been developed nationally and approved by the executive on behalf of Staff Council.  Further explanation of how this guidance should be used is available from the national training materials for matching and evaluation panels (see NHS Employers website for further details on training).  

1.2 On occasion, the Job Evaluation Handbook guidance may be supplemented by additional advice and questions and answers approved by the executive on behalf of Staff Council, and published on NHS Employers job evaluation web pages. This advice will be published to cover new situations as required and incorporated in the JE handbook where appropriate. 

1.3 All of the above guidance is binding on local matching and evaluation panels.  No other guidance has the same status or is binding. 

2. Guidance from professional bodies and staff side organisations

2.1 A number of professional bodies and staff side organisations have published guidance to assist their own members in understanding the applications of the AfC JE Scheme and/or relevant profiles to their roles.

2.2 Some of this guidance may have been developed following discussion with JEWP/JEG members, for example, during joint working on the development of profiles.

2.3 Whether or not there has been discussion with JEWP/JEG members on the content of guidance referred to in 2.1, its status is advisory.  It is not binding on local matching and evaluation panels. 

3. Guidance on qualifications and/or experience

3.1 Some individuals and organisations have produced additional guidance, often in matrix form, on how specific forms of qualification and/or years of experience required for certain jobs should be related to the factor level definitions and guidance on the knowledge factor in the Job Evaluation Handbook.

3.2 Such guidance is intended to assist local matching and evaluation panels by providing a straightforward read-across between the qualifications and/or experience requirements, which may be included in personal specifications or other job documents, and the AfC scheme factor levels.

3.3 Such read-across guidance has not been provided nationally because the knowledge factor is intended to measure the knowledge actually required for the job, which may be significantly different from the qualifications and/or experience specified in job documentation, which may under or overstate the knowledge required. 

3.4 In addition, read-across guidance on qualifications and experience are recognised as contributing to discrimination in the past against jobs occupied predominantly by women and/or employees from ethnic minority groups.

3.5 The status of such additional guidance is advisory and it should be treated with caution. 

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