Guidance on long-term COVID-19 sickness absences

Read the latest guidance from the NHS Staff Council on the management of long-term COVID-19 sickness absences.

1 July 2021

The NHS Staff Council has issued joint guidance to help employers in England support their staff during the management of long term COVID-19 sickness absences.

Whilst most staff who contract COVID-19 are likely to return to work within a month, there is a small proportion who are not. Many of these staff may go on to experience debilitating symptoms, sometimes referred to as ‘long Covid’.

For some, this can be a relapse of one symptom whilst others can suffer from a relapse of a range of symptoms.

The guidance encourages organisations to adapt the principles of their local sickness management policies to provide staff with the support they require during their absence and return to work. This is in recognition that a ‘bespoke’ or individually tailored approach will need to apply to the management of long term COVID-19 absences.

Download the guidance and read further statements from the NHS Staff Council.