MAC recommends adding care workers to the shortage occupation list

The Migration Advisory Committee has recommended that care workers are added to the shortage occupation list.

17 December 2021

As part of its annual report, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has made an early recommendation that care workers are added to the shortage occupation list.

However, the announcement around care workers is still subject to government agreement.

As part of a consultation process commissioned by the government, the MAC attended a Cavendish Coalition meeting to hear first-hand the workforce issues that Coalition members are experiencing. The Coalition asked the MAC to raise any urgent issues earlier than March/April, to enable government to consider actions as soon as possible.

Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers and chair of the Cavendish Coalition, has responded to the announcement

There is still a barrier that the minimum salary the government is suggesting for care workers who would be employed from overseas (£20,480) does not match what is currently seen across the sector. The Coalition will continue to discuss this issue and urge the government to respond to this recommendation.

More detail can be found in the MAC’s annual report.