Our response to the BMA non-contractual rate cards for consultants and SAS doctors

Guidance for NHS employers on how the rate guidance for consultants’ and SAS dcotors' non-contractual work applies to them.

22 September 2022

The British Medical Association (BMA) has published its own guidance on standard pay rates for consultants and SAS doctors in England when participating in non-contractual work.

This guidance has been developed without input from national stakeholders, and is not supported by NHS Employers.

The position remains that pay rates for non-contractual work need to be determined by the local employer, in light of their own affordability constraints.  When setting these rates, we would encourage employers to continue to work collaboratively with their neighbouring trusts and across their local integrated care system (ICS) to minimise competition between organsiations to secure additional consultant capacity.

Further information

Read the BMA guidance on standard pay rates for consultants.

Read the SAS doctors extra-contractual rate card.