Recordings of webinars on consultation on regulation of healthcare professionals

Watch the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) webinars on areas of focus in the consultation.

7 June 2021

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) ran three webinars on its consultation on the regulation of healthcare professionals. The purpose of the sessions was to provide more information on the areas of focus in the consultation; governance and operating framework, registration, fitness to practise, education and training and the regulation of physician associates and anaesthesia associates.

You can watch each of the webinars below, and read the questions and answers from the sessions, ahead of submitting a response. 

Webinar one - Governance and operating framework and registration

Watch this webinar to find our more on governance and operating framework accountability. Hear about the ability for regulators to set their own fees and charge for services, the power to delegate powers. and unitary board structures. In the registration section, the focus was the proposed single register model, proposals to give regulators emergency registration powers and international registration. 

Webinar two - Education and training and fitness to practise

In the area of education and training, the DHSC focused on the broad standard setting and approval powers proposed, the appeals for approved decisions and exam setting powers. The section on fitness to practise focused on introducing the same grounds for action, case examiners and accepted outcomes to safely resolve more cases earlier and the proposed introduction of the register review mechanism. 


Webinar three - Physician associates and anaesthesia associates 

The DHSC were joined by colleagues at the general medical council (GMC) to discuss the proposed approach to introducing statutory regulation for physician associates and anaesthesia associates, and what the changes would mean for people working in the professions.