Repayment clause guidance for overseas recruitment 

Our new guidance on the process for reclaiming expenses from individuals recruited from overseas who leave your employment. 

12 May 2023

NHS Employers has published guidance to help employers structure a fair approach to reclaiming expenses from internationally recruited staff who decide to leave their employment.

For those employers who choose to use repayment clauses, the guidance is available to support them to take a fair approach on a case-by-case basis and recommends a maximum reclaim amount.

The guidance covers:

  • the role of international recruitment
  • which healthcare professionals are covered by the guidance
  • the purpose and implementation of the guidance
  • the principles as identified in the government's Code of Practice
  • examples of a repayment schedule.

Please find the guidance on our website.

If employers have any questions about the content of this guidance or what to include as part of their repayment clauses, please contact