Time to hire delays

Take a look at our range of resources, designed to help employers navigate the employment checks process safely and effectively.

9 September 2022

Following feedback from colleagues who have found that recruitment and employment checks processes in the NHS are making it difficult to compete in a competitive labour market, NHS Employers is highlighting some of our resources and guidance to help minimise any unnecessary delays in the time to hire process and will be running a webinar in October to help recruiting organisations.

Employment checks on the suitability and safety of individuals working in the NHS are essential, but it is also important that the processes we have in place do not deter people from choosing the NHS as an employer.

Our recently updated NHS Employment Check Standards FAQs will help you to determine whether your local processes are done through custom and practice, or if there are other ways you can achieve the assurances you require to meet the standards, but avoid unnecessary delays. 

Learn more about examples from colleagues on the use of automation to speed up their recruitment process, as well as different approaches to interview and selection processes and onboarding in our Inspire, Attract and Recruit Toolkit.        

Delays in time to hire can be detrimental to the experience of young people and lead to high drop-out rates as they seek employment elsewhere. We have resources available to support you to consider ways to reduce the time between job offer and start date and a wealth of examples in our Recruit and Retain Young People toolkit of streamlining processes and improving the candidate experience.

In further support, we will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 19 October with experts in the recruitment and retention of young people and employment checks. This will be an opportunity to discuss processes surrounding the recruitment of young people and how employment checking processes could be simplified, without compromising standards and patient safety.

Booking for this webinar will be open shortly via the events page of the website.