Updated guidance documents for SAS contract reform

We have produced updated guidance on the transition to the 2021 SAS contracts to describe the impact of the 3 per cent uplift on the 2008 pay scales.

7 September 2021

We have produced updated guidance to support employers that are transitioning SAS doctors to the 2021 contracts. This guidance is in response to the 3 per cent uplift that was awarded to SAS doctors on the 2008 specialty doctor and associate specialist contracts.

Supporting SAS doctors to make an informed decision

Existing SAS doctors have been given the choice as to whether they want to stay on their existing terms and conditions or move to the new contract. The 2021 SAS contracts are part of a multiyear pay deal and therefore their pay scales do not receive the three per cent uplift that was announced by government in July 2021. 

This guidance document aims to help employers articulate the impact of the 3 per cent uplift. It also describes the advantages and disadvantages of transferring to the new contract, in order to support SAS doctors to make an informed decision, that takes into consideration the overall package of reform. 

Individual pay journey

We have updated the previously published individual pay journey document which provides a detailed breakdown of the individual pay journeys for existing SAS doctors who move to the new 2021 contracts. This document now includes the 21/22 pay scales for those on the 2008 contracts which contain the 3 per cent uplift.

Choice window

The choice window for expressions of interest from doctors wishing to transition to the new contracts will close on 30 September 2021. We would encourage employers to reach out to their SAS doctors who have not yet expressed an interest, to remind them of the deadline.

Expressing an interest does not oblige a doctor to transfer, it only signifies that a doctor wishes to commence the job planning process in good faith and in the expectation of transferring.

All the contract documentation, guidance and resources relating to the new contracts can be found on the SAS contract reform web page.