Updated guidance on recruitment of young people

Latest quarterly updates have been made to three key resources supporting the recruitment of young people to the NHS.

28 June 2022

Recruit and retain young people toolkit

A series of practical guides on recruiting and retaining young people in the NHS.

This updated toolkit contains advice, tools and resources to help you attract and recruit young people, to support them to stay in their roles and to become a valuable asset to your organisation and the wider NHS workforce.

The toolkit is aimed at employers and managers and can be used alongside our inspire, attract and recruit toolkit to support your wider workforce supply.

The latest updates include:

Explore the recruit and retain young people toolkit.


Business case for supporting a partnership with The Prince’s Trust

Key areas to consider when presenting your business case.

The updated business case and accompanying PowerPoint slides will help you to present the case for supporting a partnership with The Prince’s Trust to board members and senior leaders. It highlights the key benefits that employing young people will bring to your organisation as part of a long-term strategic approach to workforce planning.

The latest version includes:

  • Updated statistics around recruitment of young people.

See the business case resource.


Reducing the delay between job offer and start date

Tips to streamline your recruitment of young people and reduce start-time delay.

The latest version of this resource includes a podcast and summary of the work carried out by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust to reduce start-time delay, including the move to recruit all young people on the Get into hospitals programme as volunteers during their work experience.

See the resource on reducing the start-time delay.

If you have good practice examples of recruiting or retaining young people in the NHS that you'd like to share, please contact