Updated NHS employment checks standards

We have updated each of our employment check standards to make them easier to reference to and provide a clarification of requirements.

27 April 2023

To make the standards more accessible, we have updated them so that they are in web page format and to provide a clarification on requirements. The requirements of the standards have not changed following this review process and a summary of updates can be found at the end of each page.

View the refreshed standards.

In line with publication of the refreshed standards, NHS Employers has also launched a new training resource to provide support with understanding pre-employment checks requirements. Find out more about the training resource.

Further information

The NHS Employers employment check standards support employers to practically consider and implement the six pre-employment checks mandated by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) for all appointments to the NHS.

The standards are subject to period review to ensure they reflect changes to legal and regulatory requirements. 

We work across the system with stakeholders such as the DHSC, Care Quality Commission, Disclosure and Barring Service, NHS Protect, the Home Office and NHS trusts to ensure consistency in understanding and approach, and share best practice.

If you have any questions regarding the updates, please email us