Agenda for Change pay and conditions circulars 2011 to 2007

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This page is an archive of Agenda for Change pay circulars issued between 2007 and 2011.



Withdrawal of national recruitment and retention premiums - Pay Circular (AfC) 3/2011 (Published 11/4/2011)

Transitional arrangements for the withdrawal of national RRPs.


Pay uplift effective from 1 April 2011 - Pay Circular (AfC) 2/2011 (Published 31/3/2011)

Pay uplift for employees earning a full time equivalent of £21,000 or less.


Changes to employment break scheme - Pay Circular (AfC) 1/2011 (Published 31/1/2011)

Changes in line with the NHS Pension Scheme Regulations effective from 1 April 2008 and 1 October 2008.



New guidance on the knowledge and skills framework - Pay Circular (AfC) 6/2010 (Published 16/11/2010)

New, simplified guidance on the use of the framework to meet local operational needs.


Guidance on on-call and leased vehicles - Pay circular (AfC) 5/2010 (Published 2/11/2010)

Additional guidance on principles underpinning local on-call negotiations and guidance on procedures when leased vehicles are offered to employees.


New guidance on the right to raise concerns in the public interest (Whistleblowing) - Pay Circular (AfC) 4/2010 (Published 13/9/2010)

Guidance on new contractual rights for employees to raise genuine concerns with their employer about malpractice.


Introduction of an optional mutually agreed resignation scheme - Pay circular (AfC) 3/2010 (Published 02/09/17)
An optional scheme, for NHS organisations to run from mid September 2010 to the end of October 2010, in line with agreed principles.


Pay effective from 1 April 2010 - Pay circular (AfC) 2/2010 (Published 22/02/17)
Uplifts to the pay spine points and cash allowances effective from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011.


Extension of the period of protection for local on-call arrangements - Pay circular (AfC) 1/2010 (Published 25/01/10)
Protection of local on-call arrangements and updates to equal opportunities provisions in line with legislation and current practice.



Agreement on unsocial hours payments during annual leave - Pay Circular (AfC) 3/2009 (Published 16/11/09)
A Change to the method for calculating unsocial hours payments during periods of annual leave.


Changes to contractual continuity of service - Pay circular (AfC) 2/2009 (Published 14/10/09)
protection of the contractual rights of employees transferred out of NHS employment.


Pay effective from 1 April 2009 - Pay circular (AfC) 1/2009 (Published 13/02/09)
Uplifts to the pay spine points and high costs area minimum and maximum allowances effective from 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2017.



Changes to the rates of mileage allowances for motor cycle users - Pay circular (AfC) 5/2008 (Published 21/07/08)
Uplifts to rates of mileage allowances for motor cycle users effective from 1 July 2008.


Uplifts to mileage allowances - Pay Circular (AfC) 4/2008 (Published 07/07/08)
New rates of mileage allowances for business motorists effective from 1 July 2008.


Three year pay settlement starting on 1 April 2008 - Pay circular (AfC) 3/2008 (Published 19/06/08)

This circular informs NHS employers of changes in the pay and terms and conditions for staff on Agenda for Change contracts. A multi year pay settlement will apply to national pay scales that take effect from 1 April 2008, 1 April 2009 & 1 April 2010.


Changes to the provisions for management of sickness absence - Pay circular (AfC) 2/2008 (Published 06/02/08)
Provision for locally agreed procedures to include regular reviews to assess and monitor staff who are absent due to sickness. 


Introduction of a new system of unsocial hours payments - Pay Circular (AfC) 1/2008 (Published 28/02/08)
A new system of unsocial hours payments is to be phased in starting 1 April 2008.



Uplifts to pay spine points effective 1 April 2007 and 1 November 2007 - Pay Circular (AfC) 4/2007 (Published 17/10/07)

A two stage uplift to pay and allowances and the introduction of a new allowance to support clinical staff in England where registration with one of the regulatory bodies is mandatory in order to practice.


Changes to redundancy provisions effective 1 October 2006 - Pay Circular (AfC) 3/2007 (Published 27/03/07)
Redundancy pay and early retirement on grounds of redundancy.


Changes to maternity pay and leave; a general statement on equality and diversity and changes to leave for parents and carers - Pay Circular (AfC) 2/2007 (Published 28/03/07)

Changes in line with the Work and Families Act 2007.


Provisions for the remuneration of public health specialist trainees - Pay Circular (AfC) 1/2007 (Published 01/01/07)
Pay levels to be set by calculating a percentage of the pay of qualified staff.



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