Communicate the changes to your workers


There are different information requirements for each category of worker. This page contains a template letter which you can send to workers ahead of your staging date and the statutory letter templates created by The Pensions Regulator (TPR) in addition to examples of where you can find links to employee communications.

TPR has further detailed information on their website including:

  • what generic information you must provide to all workers
  • timescales for providing the information
  • the ways in which you can provide the information.


Information requirements and opt out procedures must be provided when the person is first assessed as an eligible jobholder, non eligible job holder or entitled worker and then again at re-enrolment. There are currently no employer duties for individuals that are not workers, employers may wish to provide information to these individuals but are under no statutory requirement to do so.

The employer is required to provide a Dear colleague letter to all active members of the NHSPS, advising them of the benefits within NHSPS and their rights under automatic enrolment. All workers must be informed, including those who are absent from work, for example on maternity leave. 

The letter must be sent no later than two months after the staging date to meet legislative requirements. The letter may be sent by post or email, whichever method is chosen, it is not adequate to post information on web pages or use other general communication methods.

The employer must also write to inform workers who are not currently active members of a qualifying pensions scheme about automatic enrolment and what this means for them, no later than six weeks after the staging date. However, it is good practice to provide information to workers in advance of them being automatically enrolled. This letter can be sent by post or email, but must be specifically addressed to the individual worker. The employer must inform the worker that they are being automatically enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme and contain details about their right to opt out. It is important that any workers decision to opt out or leave their pension scheme should be taken freely and without influence by the employer.

Letter Templates

NHS Employers letter templates

NHS Employers have designed a letter template which can be sent to all workers in advance of your staging date. This letter does not negate the need to send the statutory communications to your workers but is an additional communication. 

NHS Employers cannot accept any liability for these letter templates, they must be used as a template only and amended to suit your organisation:

  • Template 1 for using NHS Pension Scheme and NEST
  • Template 2 for using an alternative scheme provider to NEST and NHS Pension Scheme.

The Pension Regulator letter templates

Letter 1
Eligible jobholders – No postponement

Letter 1T
Eligible jobholders – Transitional version

Letter 2
Non-eligible workers – No postponement

Letter 3
Entitled workers – No postponement

Letter 4
Workers already in a workplace pension – and it is a qualifying scheme

Letter 5
For all workers, postponement – Except those already in a scheme

Letter 6
For all workers – Postponement

Letter 7
Payslip reminder letter

Please note:

These letters have been produced by DWP on behalf of The Pensions Regulator (TPR). These are for use by NHS employing organisations only and are correct as at January 2013. These letters have been taken from the TPR website where they sit in a tool which allows you to select the correct letter template for your workers after answering a series of questions. If you wish to view these letters in context please visit the TPR website. Whether viewing the letters on this website or the TPR website it is the employing organisations responsibility to select the correct template for their workers.

Information for workers

The Money Advice Service website provides a basic introduction to automatic enrolment which your workers may find useful. provides information and guidance for workers regarding opting out.

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