Annex 18: Withdrawal of nationally agreed recruitment and retention premia and transitional arrangements

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1. In the transitional period following the introduction of Agenda for Change, a list of jobs was agreed for which there was prima facie evidence from both the work on the job evaluation scheme and consultation with management and staff representatives, that a premium was necessary to ensure the position of the NHS was maintained during the transitional period. The jobs concerned are listed in Table 18.

Table 18

Type of post 
Clinical coding officers 
Cytology screeners 
Dental nurses, technicians, therapists and hygienists 
Estates officers/works officers 
Financial accountants 
Invoice clerks 
Biomedical scientists 
Payroll team leaders 
Qualified maintenance craftspersons 
Qualified maintenance technicians 
Qualified medical technical officers 
Qualified midwives (new entrant) 
Qualified perfusionists 

2. For staff requiring full electrical, plumbing or mechanical crafts qualifications, a single level of premium was specified (£3,277 as at 1 April 2010).

3. For chaplains, the premium was set locally at a level not less than the level of any accommodation allowance already in payment.

4. The Hartley Employment Tribunal determined that the NRRP in payment to maintenance craft workers was justified until 31 March 2011, but must cease after that date unless a review demonstrated continuing justification. The Tribunal also determined that any transitional protection would need to be justified.

5. The NHS Staff Council commissioned the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) to undertake an independent review of all the NRRP. The review recommended that all NRRP, including those paid to maintenance Implementation annexes Annex R: Withdrawal of National RRPs craft workers and chaplains, should cease after 31 March 2011 or be converted to a local RRP, where appropriate.

Transitional arrangements

6. All NRRP should cease for new starters from 1 April 2011or be replaced by a local RRP, where it is considered to be appropriate. NRRP currently in payment should be protected for a transitional period of two years as follows:
  • Year one: 100% - 100% of payment at current value;
  • Year two: 50% - 50% of the payment at current value.

On 1 April 2013 all payments will cease, subject to the outcome of a Staff Council review demonstrating evidence to support continuation of a NRRP.

Pay circular (AforC) 3/2013: amendment number 29

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