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1. Incremental pay progression for all pay points will be conditional upon individuals demonstrating that they have the requisite knowledge and skills/competencies for their role and that they have demonstrated the required level of performance and delivery. This annex sets out the principles and criteria for determining local incremental progression policies. Expectations around standards and performance, and how these will be measured, should be made clear. 




2. The following principles will inform the development of local incremental progression policies:

(i) local appraisal, performance and development reviews will need to be consistent with the principles and values of NHS Wales (see paragraph 8, Principles and Partnership)

(ii) local performance and pay progression policies should be developed in partnership

(iii) regular appraisal, performance and/or development reviews will continue to be the basis for determining whether an individual has met the standards required of them locally for pay progression, as set out in their local policies

(iv) all those staff demonstrating and applying the required levels of performance and delivery consistently during the performance review period will benefit from incremental pay progression

(v) in assessing an individual's performance, an organisation may consider not just whether the objectives have been achieved (or not) but also how they are achieved4

(vi) local systems must be consistent with the criteria set out in paragraphs 3 and 4

(vii) progression into the annually earned pay points, the last two pay points in pay bands 8C, 8D and 9, will be available to all members of staff in these bands subject to the criteria set out in this annex

(viii) individuals will have the right to seek a review of any decision where the required level of performance is deemed not to have been met5

(ix) local systems must be equality assessed before implementation

(x) should apply equally to all staff covered by this agreement

(xi) every line manager undertaking appraisal should have access to appropriate training and development in relation to undertaking appraisal and their equality responsibilities.


Criteria for local schemes6


3. Organisations will need to operate an effective process for objective, evidence based performance appraisal, development and review, recognising team work wherever this is appropriate. Individual performance will need to be monitored throughout the year so that under performance is identified by all concerned and addressed appropriately as soon as possible. Local schemes for pay progression will take account of the following:


(i) the KSF/other relevant competency frameworks will continue to be the basis for the annual systems of review and development for staff


(ii) information on performance throughout the year will need to be taken into account in the performance appraisal and development review process, so that undue influence of experiences close to the review are avoided. Timely recognition of accomplishment (or feedback about poor performance) is more effective/motivational. Managers and staff will need to build a picture of performance during the course of the review period


(iii) in assessing an individual’s performance, line managers should be mindful of factors that have been outside the control of individual staff7

(iv) some organisations may wish to adopt team performance measures for some staff groups which could be linked to team indicators of quality of patient care. If this is part of the local solution those involved should consider whether these measures will need to be combined with individual performance assessment


(v) local arrangements for determining pay progression, including through the last two annually earned incremental points in pay bands 8C, 8D and 9, will need to be jointly discussed, based on this guidance, and adequately communicated to all staff so that they fully understand the operation of the process and the role everyone plays in it.


4. In addition local schemes will need to:

(i) minimise the administrative burden on all staff

(ii) be as simple as possible and focused on organisational values and objectives linked to patient care

(iii) be jointly monitored and reviewed regularly8

(iv) provide appropriate training and support for staff who fail to meet performance requirements.


5. The views of patients and colleagues may be used to inform performance reviews for example 360-degree tools and survey results may be helpful. Views of other managers and other staff can broaden, inform and validate line manager and staff experiences.


1 In Wales this Section is part of a three year agreement. It applies there until 31 December 2017.

2 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

3 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

4 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

5 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

6 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

7 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

8 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales).

Amendment number 41

Pay Advisory Notice (01/2019) and TCS Advisory Notice (02/2019)

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