Section 47: Reviews, appeals and job evaluations

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National reviews

47.1 As outlined in paragraph 40.4, the NHS Staff Council can be consulted by local employers or staff representatives on the interpretation of the agreement where there is an issue which may have wider applicability. Additionally, the NHS Staff Council will have a monitoring role in the identified areas, and where inconsistencies are emerging recommendations and advice will be given to local employers and staff representatives.


47.2 Every effort will be made to ensure that locally managers and staff are able to resolve differences without recourse to formal procedures. They should agree in partnership a procedure to resolve differences locally, based on the framework in Annex 19 (England) or Annex 19 (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) or, in the case of disagreements over decisions on job profile matching or local job evaluations, based on the protocols set out in the Job Evaluation Handbook1 within three months (see paragraph 47.3).

47.3 Where appeals are upheld, the associated pay or benefits will normally be backdated to the date the appeal was lodged.

Job evaluations

47.4 The Job Evaluation Handbook sets out protocols for resolving disagreements in relation to matching of jobs against national job evaluation profiles, or in relation to local job evaluations. Appeals may not be made against the evaluation of a nationally profiled post. There is a right to a review on the grounds that the post does not match the national profile but not on the grounds that the national profile is incorrect.

1 Job evaluation handbook:

Pay circular (AforC) 2/2013: amendment information note number 28

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