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Listen to our range of podcasts that cover a variety of topics and experiences of other organisations who have been making changes to improve staff health and wellbeing.   

Podcast  Date Published                                                     Description 
Mental health in the workplace podcast
July 2018 Listen to Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind talking to Helen Bogan, NHS Employers about the importance of mental health in the workplace. 
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust - resilience training podcast June 2017 Find out how Northumbria Healthcare have worked together with London City University to deliver resilience training to over 1000 of their staff and the impact it has had.
The importance of the clinical lead for staff wellbeing - podcast with Dr Julia Smedley, head of occupational health at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

January 2017 Listen to our new podcast from our virtual board series and hear about the impact of having a clinical lead.

A conversation about resilience - podcast with Ivan Robertson September 2016  In this podcast, find out Professor Ivan Robertson's top tips for building resilience and why he thinks resilience is so important for NHS staff. Hear his advice for managers on building resilience in their staff and the impact mental wellbeing has on organisational performance. 
Implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy with Karen Gularslan May 2016 The fourth in a series of podcasts providing top tips for implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy. In this 60-second podcast, Karen Gularslan, human resource advisor at the Care Quality Commission, provides her advice.

How are you feeling NHS? podcast - Part II May 2016 In the second part of a two-piece podcast, we talk to Lesley Smith-Payne, head of workforce health and wellbeing at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. She explains how the success of the pilot of the 'How are you feeling NHS?' toolkit on the stroke ward has helped implement good health and wellbeing practice across the organisation.

How are you feeling NHS? podcast - Part I May 2016 In the first of the two-part podcast, we talk to Rachael Bailey, the ward manager of the stroke unit where the 'How are you feeling NHS?' toolkit was piloted. She tells us how the toolkit supports NHS organisations to talk about emotional wellbeing and the impact that this has on staff.

Implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy with Justin Varney May 2016 The third in a series of podcasts that provide advice and top tips on implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy. In this podcast, Justin Varney, interim deputy director of health and wellbeing for Public Health England, discusses how having strong foundations are key to having a healthy productive workplace.

Implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy with Marion Furr April 2016 The second in a series of health and wellbeing top tips podcasts from key people in leading NHS organisations. In this 60 second podcast, Marion Furr, Chair of staff health and wellbeing at Department of Health, discusses how to implement a strategy and introduces her top tips.

Implementing a successful health and wellbeing strategy with Rob Webster  April 2016 The first in a series of podcasts recorded and produced to provide top health and wellbeing tips from key people in leading NHS organisations.
In this 60 second podcast, Rob Webster, Chief Executive of NHS Confederation, discusses how to deal with a bad day at work, including his three top tips.

Effective partnership working on health, safety and wellbeing                                                Mar 2015  In this 20 minute podcast hear what successful partnership working looks like, the benefits and the positive impact that effective partnership working can have on the health, safety and wellbeing agenda.
Mental Health - The human approach
Oct 2014 This podcast is designed to encourage managers to approach mental health conversations as a human rather than a clinician. There are tips on how wellness action plans can help, how to implement team temperature checks and the importance of leading from the top. 
Mental Health - Sooner rather than later
Oct 2014  Relevant for all staff, this podcast discusses how you can stay mentally healthy at work, the importance of talking to your manager and what reasonable adjustments can be put in place to help you back to work if you have had a period of sickness related to mental health.
Culture Change lessons from Educating Yorkshire’s Thornhill Academy                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Aug 2014  This podcast highlights the challenges a headmaster faced in creating a positive organisational culture at his academy.

Emotional wellbeing in the workplace part 1
May 2014       A podcast exploring emotional wellbeing in the workplace.
Emotional wellbeing podcast part 2
May 2014       Continuing the exploration of emotional wellbeing in the workplace. 
Emotional wellbeing
Apr 2014  Professor Cary Cooper is a distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health. In this podcast he discusses emotional health and wellbeing with former chief executive of NHS Employers, Dean Royles. They discuss what is emotional wellbeing, how do we define and what this means for NHS staff.  

Emotional wellbeing podcast with Dean Royles and Professor Cary Cooper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Mar 2014  Dean Royles, former Chief Executive of NHS Employers, and Professor Cary Cooper of Robertson Cooper discuss emotional wellbeing and its importance to business outcomes. 
Virtual Board: Holding up the mirror - Amanda Oates
Mar 2014  In the final podcast from our virtual board, Amanda Oates, director of workforce at Mersey Care NHS Trust talks about holding up the mirror and why staff should practise what they preach to patients in relation to health and wellbeing.
Virtual board: Managers matter - Clive Lewis
Mar 2014  In this podcast Clive Lewis, non-executive director at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust highlights the importance of the role that managers play in dealing with staff health and wellbeing.
Virtual board: Is compassion the key? Claire Johnston
Feb 2014  In light of the recent Francis, Berwick and Keogh reports it is crucial to have health and wellbeing linked through all your organisational strategies.  
Virtual board: Getting to know you - Dr Michael Marsh
Feb 2014  Listen to Dr Michael Marsh, Medical Director at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust in this podcast talking about how playing to individuals' interests will increase engagement and how they have linked with their local university and community to launch their Life Lab.
Virtual board: Piecing together the jigsaw - Jeff Buggle 
Feb 2014  Listen to Jeff Buggle, director of finance & performance management at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.
Virtual board: Informed, Involved, Engaged - Steve Shrubb
Feb 2014  This podcast features Steve Shrubb, chief executive at West London Mental Health NHS Trust in his podcast titled Informed, Involved, Engaged.
NHS Employers Virtual Board - panel discussion,
Nov 2013  Members of the NHS Employers Virtual Board took part in a panel discussion and podcast in August 2013. Questions were developed by members of our health and wellbeing network who attended the discussion session.


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