Calendar of national campaigns 2016


27 / 4 / 2016 Midnight

We have put together this selection of national campaigns and awareness days to help you plan your health and wellbeing strategy and activities for the year ahead.


 Image of GP using computer
4 - 10 July, Health Information Week

Health Information Week is a campaign to improve 
access to health information. Staff from local authorities,
public libraries, NHS, voluntary sector, independent 
information and advice centres have all been working 
together to make their health resources more available
to the public. In most areas your local libraries and 
information centres will have extra health information 
available, leaflets for you to take away or sessions to 
show you how to use the computer to find good quality
health information.



 scan 2
1 - 30 September, Urology Awareness Month

With an ageing population and the effects of today’s 
lifestyle, urology conditions, diseases and cancers are 
becoming more prevalent. The Urology Foundation
is spreading knowledge of urology health, breaking 
down the stigma associated with many of its 
conditions and persuading people to talk about these 
Image of pharmacy shelf
1 - 30 September, National Blood Cancer 
Awareness Month

Supported by some of the UK's biggest blood cancer 
charities, including Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research 
and Anthony Nolan, September is the month to raise 
awareness of how to improve treatments for blood cancer
and increase the number of lives saved. There are many 
opportunities to fund raise or increase awareness using 
the #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth handle. Access all our
resources that support the impact of cancer on
the NHS.

hand shake
10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day promotes worldwide 
commitment and action to prevent suicides. The 
sponsoring organisation, International Association 
for Suicide Prevention, the co-sponsor WHO and 
other partners, advocate for the prevention of 
suicidal behaviour, provision of adequate treatment 
and follow-up care for people who attempted 
suicide, as well as responsible reporting of suicides 
in the media. Access all our resources that 
highlight the impact of mental ill health on the NHS.
 Image of GP checking blood pressure
12 - 18 September, Know Your Numbers! Week

Blood Pressure UK's flagship blood pressure testing 
and awareness campaign encourages adults to 
know their blood pressure numbers and take the 
necessary action to reach and maintain a healthy 
blood pressure. This year around 250,000 free 
checks will be available across the UK. For more 
information see the Blood Pressure UK web pages.
 Image of GP using computer
12 - 18 September, Sexual Health Week

This awareness week is led by FPA, a charity 
that answers questions about sexual health for 
young people. It offers support to parents on 
how to educate their children about sexual 
health, as well as campaigning for better sexual
health services, and the right for all young 
people to have access to education regarding 
appropriate relationships and sex education.
 Image of doctor checking patient eye
19 - 25 September, National Eye Health Week

National Eye Health Week (NEHW) is about healthcare 
professionals joining forces to encourage more people 
to have regular sight tests and make lifestyle choices 
that benefit their vision and general wellbeing. NEHW 
raises awareness of how we can improve the UK's eye 
health, contribute towards a reduction in avoidable 
blindness and enhance people's everyday lives.
 genes day
23 September, Jeans for Genes Day

Genetic disorders are rare but together they 
affect one in 25 children born in the UK. Jeans for 
Gene’s day is therefore an awareness to raise 
awareness and funds for Genetic Disorders UK to
support families affected by genetic disorders by 
improving the quality of life of those affected. 
Whatever you do on this Friday, do it in your jeans! 
Join the hype and get involved with the conversation
using #JeansForGenesDay on social media.



Image of someone washing hands
7 October, National Personal Safety Day

National Personal Safety Day, which is organised 
by Suzy Lamplugh Trust, is an annual event 
aimed at highlighting some of the simple, practical 
solutions that everyone can use to help avoid violence 
and aggression in today’s society. It’s about helping 
people live safer, more confident lives.
back pain
3 - 7 October, Back Care Awareness Week

The aim of the week-long event, organised by 
BackCare, is to raise awareness of the problems 
back pain can cause, as well as prevention and 
treatments. Access our back care awareness resources
that includes infographics, guidance and case studies
on how reduce the incidence of work-related 
back and musculoskeletal disorders.
 ocd awareness
9 - 16 October, OCD Awareness Week

People still think OCD means being neat, tidy, clean 
and organised. We need to tell them that Obsessive 
Compulsive Disorder is a seriously debilitating disorder 
which leads the sufferer to having unwanted debilitating 
intrusive thoughts rendering day-to-day life a living 
nightmare, which is exactly why they promote OCD 
Awareness Week in October. OCD Awareness Week is 
a global effort to raise awareness and understanding 
about OCD, with the goal of educating people and 
working towards removing misunderstanding and 
stigma that can be caused by misrepresentation of OCD.

mind puzzle
10 October, World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day raises public awareness 
about mental health issues. Access all our resources 
that highlight the impact of mental ill health on the 

12 - 18 October, National Arthritis Week

We understand that the pain caused by arthritis can 
be constant and make the little things in life difficult. 
So this National Arthritis Week Arthritis Research UK 
are inviting you to join them by sharing your story and 
helping to highlight what it’s like to live with the pain 
of arthritis as part of the Share your day, Shape our 
future campaign. Have a look at some sufferers’ stories 
petri dishes
13 October, World Thrombosis Day

Thrombosis refers to abnormal, life-threatening 
blood clots that form in the artery or vein. 
Worldwide, one in four people die from causes 
related to thrombosis. Without addressing this 
disease head on, we cannot meet the World 
Health Assembly's global target to reduce premature
non-communicable mortality by 25 percent by 2025.
World Thrombosis Day (WTD) focuses attention on 
the often overlooked and misunderstood condition 
of thrombosis so hundreds of educational events 
occur in countries around the world.


1 - 30 November, Movember Men's Health 
Awareness Month

Each year, Movember is responsible for thousands 
of moustaches on men’s faces in the UK and 
around the world. The aim of Movember is to 
raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, 
specifically prostate cancer.
scan 2
1 - 30 November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness 
to encourage people displaying the common 
symptoms of lung cancer, such as a persistent
cough, breathlessness or unexplained weight-
loss, to visit their GP. During the month, many 
people throughout the country and the world 
come together for the lung cancer community. 
Events are held. Articles are written. Facebook 
statuses are updated. Videos are created and 
spread online. Proclamations are issued.

 Image of a nurse on the phone

2 November, National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD)

NSAD aims to develop greater understanding of 
stress and offer individuals and organisations 
access to proven coping strategies and sources of 
help. Access all our resources that highlight the 
impact of stress on the NHS.

royal college of pathologists
7-13 November, National Pathology Week

A celebration of pathology and the important 
contribution pathologists make to healthcare, through
 a programme of events aimed at people of all ages.

The theme of the week is 'Pathology: prevention, 
diagnosis, treatment', which focuses on the important 
role of pathology in healthcare.
 alcohol awareness
14 - 20 November, Alcohol Awareness Week

It is estimated that the cost of alcohol on society 
costs £21 billion, the aim of Alcohol Awareness 
Week is to get people to think about alcohol – 
how it affects us as individuals, families, communities 
and society as a whole. There are many materials 
and resources available on the Alcohol Concern 
webpage to know the facts and figures about the 
effects of alcohol. Learn more about alcohol and 
its effects with our infographic.
 health heart
21 - 28 November, National HIV Testing Week

National HIV Testing Week is a targeted, high profile, 
national campaign that encourages England’s key 
populations most affected by HIV to consider taking an 
HIV test. The aims are to increase awareness and 
acceptability of HIV testing among these groups, to 
increase access to HIV testing in order to improve early 
diagnosis and treatment of HIV. National HIV Testing 
Week takes place during the last week of November to 
enable organisations to promote their existing local 
services on different days and picks up on the publicity 
opportunities provided by World AIDS Day which takes 
place on 1 December.

 Image of a blurred crowd
25 November, 16 Days of Action Against 
Domestic Violence 

16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence is 
aimed at businesses that lack an infrastructure 
to deal with the large-scale problem that is 
domestic violence. As it stands, companies can 
do more to aid their employees who endure 
domestic violence, train those who witness it, 
and to protect staff as a whole, with the goal of 
securing safety and mitigating financial loss.


world aids day
1 December, World Aids Day

World AIDS Day is an opportunity for people 
worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show 
their support for people living with HIV and to 
commemorate people who have died.

 January 2017


1 – 31 January, Dry January

Dry January challenges you to go alcohol free for 31 
days and aims to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol.
Find out more about running a local campaign

water dumbells apple

TBC, National Obesity Awareness Week  

Obesity Awareness Week promotes how as a country
we can eat healthier, be more active and improve 
our overall health. Access all our resources that 
highlight the impact of obesity on the NHS.

February 2017

 Raynauds awareness
1 - 27 February, Raynauds Awareness month

Raynaud’s Phenomenon is a condition thought to affect
up to ten million people in the UK and it can be incredibly
painful.  With Raynaud’s, the small blood vessels in the
extremities are over-sensitive to changes in temperature,
which can cause a Raynauds attack. February is Raynauds
Awareness Month in which they aim to highlight Raynauds
and the work of the RSA by asking  you to 
"LOVEyourGLOVES!” February is statistically the coldest
month of the year and it is vital to wrap up  warm and 
protect your extremities.
 world cancer day
4 February, World Cancer Day

Cancer affects so many people across the world and 
currently 8.2 million people die from cancer worldwide
each year. World Cancer Day is the ideal opportunity 
to spread the word and raise awareness of cancer 
in people’s minds and the world media. This global 
event takes place every year on 4 February and 
aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year    
by encouraging individuals to take action. Access our 
resources that support the impact cancer may have on
the work environment.
wear it beat it
5 February, Wear it. Beat it. 

The British Heart Foundation’s vision is a word in which 
people do not die prematurely or suffer from heart 
disease. Wear it. Beat it. Is to help the British Heart 
Foundation fight for every heartbeat and raise money 
for life saving research. Quite simply by wearing red 
this year and hosting a red event with your friends, 
family or colleagues, the website includes lots of cool 
tips and ideas for your red day.

 Image of a blurred crowd 

TBC, OCD week of action

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a clinically 
recognised disorder which affects around 
1-2 per cent of the population. People with OCD 
experience intensely negative, repetitive and intrusive 
thoughts, combined with a chronic feeling of doubt or 
danger (obsessions). OCD week of action is a 
campaigning week run by OCD Action to encourage as 
many people as possible to take action and fight OCD.

eating disorders
TBC, Eating Disorders awareness week

Beat run Eating Disorders Awareness week, which is an 
international awareness event, fighting the myths and 
misunderstandings that surround eating disorders. 
Awareness is raised to spotlight the impact eating 
disorders can have on an individual and how this is difficult
in the workplace by highlighting what individuals, 
colleagues and employers can do to support someone’s 

 rare disease

28 February, Rare Disease day

A disease or disorder is defined as rare in Europe when 
it affects fewer than 1 in 2000 but in the EU there are as 
many as 30 million people affected by one of over 6000 
rare diseases. Rare Disease Day takes place on the last 
day of February each year and the main objective is to 
raise awareness among individuals about rare disease 
and their impact on patients’ lives. Since the beginning 
in 2008, thousands of events have taken place 
throughout the world and has notably contributed to the
advancement of national plans and policies for rare 

 March 2017


1 - 31 March, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian cancer is a disease that can disrupt the 
normal function of the ovaries. If it’s left unchecked, 
it can affect other parts of the body too. Access all our
resources that support the impact of cancer on
the NHS.

TBC, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

In the UK, about 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer at 
some point in their lives and it is the most common 
cancer in men. Prostate Cancer UK is the largest men’s 
health charity and they aim to help more men survive 
prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life, so 
the aim in March to raise awareness to join the fight 
against prostate cancer by fundraising, campaigning 
and donating.


TBC, No Smoking Day

Help encourage as many smokers as possible 
to quit on No Smoking Day by organising your own 
event. Access all our resources that highlight the 
impact of smoking on the NHS to help get you started

 water 2

13 - 19 March, Nutrition and Hydration Week

This global movement aims to focus on nutrition and 
hydration as an important part of quality care, 
experience and safety improvement in health and 
social care settings. For more information, see our 
dedicated toolkit on how to implement the NICE public 
health guidance.

 Image of brain scan

13 - 19 March, Brain Awareness Week

This awareness week unites organisations worldwide 
in a celebration of the brain for people of all ages. 
Events include open days at neuroscience labs, 
exhibitions, lectures on brain-related topics and 

 Purple day
26 March, Epilepsy Awareness Purple Day

There are 50 million people that have been diagnosed 
with epilepsy worldwide and Purple Day is an 
international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing 
awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26 
annually people around the world are encouraged to 
wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy 
awareness. Purple Day is your chance to end stigma, 
improve healthcare and stand together!


 April 2017

 scan 1
1 - 30 April, Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

For 26 years, Bowel Cancer UK has aimed to 
save lives and improve the quality of life for all those 
affected by bowel cancer. Access all our
resources that support the impact of cancer on
the NHS.

 health heart 
7 April, World Health Day

World Health Day marks the anniversary of 
the founding of the World Health Organisation in 
1948. Each year a theme is selected that highlights 
a priority area of public health concern in the world.

TBC, Parkinson's Awareness Week 

One in every 500 people has Parkinson’s and affects 
parts of the brain by a lack of chemical called dopamine,
causing some nerve cells in the brain to die. Parkinson’s
Awareness Week is the biggest opportunity of the year
to reach more people affected by Parkinson’s and change
public attitude of the disease. Parkinson’s UK Charity has
free materials available to organise events and promote
awareness week.
 Image of patient and therapist

TBC, Depression Awareness Week

Annual Depression Awareness Week is going to be 
our biggest year ever! Friends in Need need YOUR 
help to get rid of mental health stigma, get people 
talking about depression and raise vital funds to allow 
Friends in Need to keep growing and helping more 
people through their recovery. 

TBC, European Immunisation Week

European Immunisation Week promotes the core
message that immunisation of every child is vital
to prevent diseases and protect life. The slogan – 
Prevent. Protect. Immunise. Carries this message
across. The goal is to overall raise awareness and 
increase vaccination coverage by showcasing the 
importance of immunisation, there is campaign 
material available to download readily available.


TBC, Allergy Awareness Week

This week raises awareness of all allergic conditions 
(including food, respiratory, skin and children's 
allergies), food intolerance and the plight of allergy 

29 April, On Your Feet Britain

Take part in our national day when workers across 
Britain unite together and participate in a variety of 
fun and simple activities to #SitLess and #MoveMore 
at work. The On Your Feet Britain Challenge dares 
you to convert 'sitting time' to 'standing time' by 
following some simple changes.

May 2017

 family walking in country

TBC, National Walking Month

National Walking Month encourages people to walk 
more throughout May. Initiatives include, Walk to 
Work Week and Walk to School Week. Access all our 
resources that highlight the benefits of physical 
activity for the NHS 
to support your local campaigns. If 
you want miles and miles to walk then we recommend
this walking route in the Clwydian Range and Dee 
 in North Wales.

 stroke month
TBC, Action on Stroke Month

Make May Purple is the Stroke Associations annual 
stroke awareness month, taking place every May. 
Individuals show their support for those who have 
been affected by stroke and help to raise awareness 
and essential funds for the Stroke Association. There 
are three purple ideas to show your support to conquer 
stroke – wear, bake or plant May purple. Join 
#MakeMayPurple hashtags on social media.

 petri dishes
TBC, National Thrombosis week

Thrombosis is solid masses that that form in the vessels
from blood. In support of National Thrombosis Week 
(NTW), Thrombosis UK invite you to join us in our mission
  • Raise awareness
  • Extend understanding
  • Provide information and support
As part of a week’s long activities, Thrombosis UK will
be holding educational meetings in the following cities:
Belfast, Cardiff, London and Edinburgh.

 Image of a nurse on the phone
TBC, Deaf Awareness week

Deaf Awareness Week is a unique campaign in that so 
many different organisations participate, each able to 
promote their own work within the broad spectrum of 
deafness. We will be celebrating the work the sector 
has done to define a common purpose and highlighting 
the work of the mission groups. Our overall aim is to 
promote the work through the Deaf Awareness Week, 
in which organisations can publicise their events. Get 
involved at UK Council on deafness.
 sun blue sky
TBC, Sun Awareness Week

Get involved in raising awareness across the UK by 
ordering free posters and leaflets from the Sun 
Awareness range. For more information visit the 
British Association of Dermatologists website
 Image of brain scan
TBC, National Epilepsy Week

The National Epilepsy Week is continuing Epilepsy Actions
work to empower people to seize control of their epilepsy,
through better care and access to treatment. Out of 
600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK, 288,000 
are still experiencing seizures. So make a difference and
get involved with #epilepsyweek events.

 cool down
TBC, Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Week is a UK event supported by the 
Mental Health Foundation. The aim is to educate the 
public about mental health issues and to promote 
better mental health. Access all our resources that 
highlight the impact of mental ill health on the NHS.
 put the kettle on logo
TBC, Put the Kettle on for ARC

Antenatal Results & Choices support women and 
couples through antenatal testing and its 
consequences, who are often referred to them by 
NHS Employees. They also provide training to NHS 
staff in the maternity wards. Their annual fundraising
campaign is “Put the Kettle on for ARC” encouraging 
supporters to hold tea parties to raise funds to 
support those parents.

 break cigarette
31 May, World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day highlights the health risks 
associated with tobacco use and advocates for 
policies to reduce tobacco consumption. Access all 
our resources that highlight the impact of smoking 
on the NHS.



June 2017

 hand shake
TBC, Carers Week

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise 
awareness of caring by highlighting the challenges 
that carers face and recognise the contribution 
they make to families and communities throughout 
the UK. The campaign encourages others to 
organise activities and events throughout the UK. 
You can get involved by pledging your support, to 
help build Carer Friendly Communities and plan your 
own activities and events to make Carers Week count.
Remember to get involved with @carersweek.

TBC, Diabetes Week

Diabetes Week is an annual highlight in the Diabetes 
UK calendar as it is a time when we bring supporters 
together to raise awareness of the condition and the 
vital funds for their work. Diabetes is a common life-
long health condition where the glucose in your blood 
is too high as the body cannot use it properly. This 
June they will be uncovering the truth about diabetes 
and what it is like to live with it.
 Image of hospital doctors
TBC, Men's Health Week

Led by the Men's Health Forum, the purpose of 
Men’s Health Week is to raise awareness of 
preventable health issues and encourage men and 
boys to seek professional advice for health-related 

 petri dishes
14 June, World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day raises awareness of the 
need for safe blood and blood products and to 
thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their 
life-saving gifts of blood. To register to donate 
blood in the UK, visit the NHS Give Blood webpage.

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