Pay education hub: the journey of pay in the NHS

This content will help employers to understand the history, changes and developments of pay in the NHS.
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Pay in the NHS is long and complex, therefore it is important for employers to understand its history and the journey it has been on, to help recognise why today's structure and system exists in its current form. The hub focuses on the history and developments in pay of the non-medical workforce and provides information on its history, the introduction of Agenda for Change and its key developments. It also shows how pay for the non-medical workforce in NHS has changed over the last decade and provides employers with facts and figures to demonstrate what has happened to different aspects of the pay system.  It features information on the importance of the variable aspects of the pay system, for example additional payments, and how they contribute to an individual’s total earnings. Enhancing knowledge and understanding on NHS pay related matters will support you to have longer-term conversations about pay and the wider NHS terms and conditions of service with your staff. 

The NHS provides one of the most comprehensive and attractive total employment packages. With a strong emphasis on retention in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, it is crucial for employers to understand and educate staff about the total value of the NHS package so they understand what is available to them.

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