System and integration

Strengthening connections around system workforce issues.
A nurse showing compassion to a patient.

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are made up of organisations involved in planning and providing health and care in a particular geographical area. This can include hospitals, GPs, local authorities, social care services, primary care providers, and independent and voluntary sector providers. ICSs are responsible for developing strategies and plans to meet the assessed health and care needs of their populations. There are 42 ICSs covering England with populations ranging from half a million to 3.5 million people.   

The systems and integration programme provides a space where system leaders and stakeholders can come together to champion and support the one workforce. Having a one workforce vision will enable joined-up local services, centred around people and communities. With this shared culture we can create a system that supports integration.

Integrated workforce thinking guide

Access our guide to support employers in integrated workforce thinking, in line with delivering the ICS strategy.

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