NHS Staff Council

Responsible for the Agenda for Change pay system.
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The NHS Staff Council has responsibility for the Agenda for Change (AfC) pay system and has representatives from both employers and trade unions. Their remit includes:

  • maintaining the Agenda for Change pay system
  • negotiating any changes in core conditions for staff on AfC contracts and reflecting these in the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook 
  • providing national support on interpreting the national agreement for employers and trade unions.
  • Executive meetings:

    • Wednesday 17 January 2024
    • Wednesday 1 May 2024 
    • Wednesday 10 July 2024
    • Monday 18 November 2024
    • Monday 20 January 2025

    Plenary meetings:

    • Wednesday 13 March 2024
    • Thursday 12 September 2024 
    • Wednesday 12 March 2025
  • Where local partnerships are unable to agree an interpretation of the NHS terms and conditions of service, parties can submit a joint referral to the NHS Staff Council seeking clarity.

    These can be made to the joint NHS Staff Council via the secretariat. Referrals must be made in partnership (employer and trade union) in order for the NHS Staff Council to be able to give a view.