Medical and dental workforce networks

Our employer engagement groups include JNCs for juniors, SAS, seniors and dental, contract expert group, and the medical and dental workforce forum.
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Our medical team has a number of engagement opportunities for employers to get involved in. These include reference groups in medical education, SAS employers, employer support networks for clinical excellence awards, dental employer initiatives, lead employer collaboration, and the rostering and pay reference group. 

While some of these groups have limited capacity, we invite expressions of interest for future membership, so we have people to rely on when required. Your expression of interest ensures a diverse pool of expertise, ready to contribute when needed.

Use the sign-up form below to express your interest.

  • The joint negotiating committees (JNC) are established to oversee the national terms and conditions of service (TCS) for doctors in the NHS (England). 

    The group negotiates potential changes to the TCS, and produces joint extra-contractual guidance. 

    Between committee meetings, sub-groups may be formed to address specific tasks and report back to the JNC. The composition of the JNC includes British Medical Association (BMA) Junior Doctor and NHS employer representatives. 

    Stakeholders like the Department of Health and Social Care may participate as observers by mutual agreement, and both sides can determine the number and makeup of their representative teams based on agenda topics.

  • Our monthly contract expert group takes place during the final week of the month. It brings together skilled medical staffing professionals with expertise in consultant, dental, doctors in training, and SAS contracts. Within this group, our role is to share national and contractual updates. 

    This group also serves as a valuable platform for medical staffing professionals to engage in networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions on challenges they may encounter.

    While membership is not openly available, we encourage expressions of interest. Full membership provides exclusive access to the group's resources and discussions, ensuring participants stay informed and connected within this dynamic professional community.

  • The Medical and Dental Workforce Forum serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on various workforce matters. 

    Comprising senior HR representatives from organisations handling medical and dental employment, the forum delves into topics such as workforce planning, temporary staffing, education, training, regulation, pay, pensions, and employment terms. 

    Its primary objectives are to ensure comprehensive NHS management input into discussions regarding the roles of doctors and dentists, offer a service perspective on workforce policy decisions and keep stakeholders updated on workforce changes.

  • We've created specialised reference groups for employers to participate in. These focus on gathering insights and seeking employer perspectives on critical proposals affecting specific staff groups, as well as sharing policy developments. 

    The reference groups actively engage in discussions about workforce challenges, providing a platform for NHS Employers to share essential feedback but also takeaway the groups insights to various stakeholders to help shape policy decisions. 

    As a member, you'll receive updates on the medical workforce, benefit from support and advice, and remain close to pay, contracts and guidance updates.


    Our reference groups

    We are particularly seeking to expand our medical education employer reference group, but would welcome new members in any of these groups.

    Our reference groups are open to medical staffing/ HR professionals, medical education professionals and educators. If you work in a role that covers similar responsibilities, please don’t hesitate to express your interest.

    Medical associate professionals (MAPS) employer reference group

    Aimed at those involved with the employment and support of MAPs staff.

    How we engage: mainly via email with occasional virtual meetings.

    SAS employer reference group 

    This group covers specialty and specialist doctors.

    How we engage: via email at present.

    Employer support networks 

    This group covers topics such as consultant employment issues.

    How we engage: via email at present.

    Dental employer reference group

    This groups covers salaried dentists and dental trainees.

    How we engage: via email at present.

    Medical education employer reference group 

    Specifically for medical and dental educators and education managers.

    How we engage: via email at present.

    Rostering and pay calculations group

    A newer group for HR professionals that have specialist knowledge on pay and rota calculations in line with the the doctors and dentists in training 2016 TCS.

    A new group we aim to set up.

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