National nursing and midwifery job profile review

NHS Staff Council Job evaluation group, reviewing the national job evaluation matching profiles for nursing and midwifery.

21 March 2024

Following a request made by the RCN and the RCM to the NHS Staff Council, the NHS Job Evaluation Group is undertaking a review of the national job matching profiles for nursing and midwifery (band 4 and above). The purpose of this review is to ensure that the profiles accurately reflect current nursing and midwifery practice, training, and role development.  

Further Information 

A supporting webinar was successfully held on 7 September 2023 by NHS Employers and the NHS Staff Council Job Evaluation Group to explain how and why these profiles are being reviewed. It also explained how employers could contribute to the evidence gathering stage of the review that ran until May 2023. 

Full webinar video

Download the presentation slides. 


Claire Surtees

Management-side joint co-chair 

NHS Blood and Transplant 

Salli Roddis

Management-side joint co-chair 

NHS East Sussex Downs & Weald 

Louise Chinnery

Staff-side co-chair 


Nicola Lee

Head of Job Evaluation and Equal Pay 

NHS Employers 

Paul Watt

Scottish management-side rep 

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde 

Penny Bromley

Staff-side rep 

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

Outcome of the evidence gathering survey: Evidence Report  

Following its evidence review, the NHS Staff Council Job Evaluation Group have published an interim update report on national job profiles (band 4 and above) for nursing and midwifery. 

The evidence received showed that the majority of employers and stakeholders can use the profiles, for the most part, but that improvements to them are necessary to assist matching panels in using them effectively. 

Of greater concern was evidence received indicating that job descriptions – and therefore potentially also banding outcomes – are not regularly reviewed and have not been kept up-to-date despite changes to responsibilities and job requirements. 

To view the evidence report and a webinar recording outlining its finding, please click here. 

JEG is now undertaking further work to review the language and terminology of the existing profiles, updating it where necessary, including a review of the profile labels and job statements to ensure they reflect current clinical practice and deployment. In doing this work, JEG’s aim is to show clearly the differentiation between the bands and provide greater narrative examples of the factor levels (the ‘non-bold’). 

This work is being undertaken in partnership by JEG members according to its usual profile review process and conventions. 

Drafts of revised profiles will come to the NHS Staff Council for comment and consultation in the usual way. 

The review is ongoing and is expected to move to consultation on the first set of draft profiles later this Spring. 

Employers are advised to take the following action in anticipation of the review outcome –  

  • Secure board engagement and conduct an organisational risk assessment (Learn from experience of HCSW band 2 and 3) 
  • Consider your deployment model and whether job descriptions are accurate and comprehensive (ensuring understanding of the difference between professional development of staff and job evaluation of posts) 
  • Consider your JE operation by using the JEG Self-Assessment Checklist 
  • Build internal JE capacity – consider training more panellists.