Job Evaluation training

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6 May 2022

Job Evaluation training

NHS Employers offers a range of practical training courses for organisations. All courses are delivered in partnership, by experienced and accredited trainers.

In line with the national NHS Terms and Conditions of Service, every job matching panel member and job analyst is required to attend a training course and must be up to date on current practices, before they take part in local panels.

Consistency checking practitioners must also be appropriately trained and have relevant experience of job evaluation to undertake this work. A consistency checking panel is a key stage in your job evaluation process and should not be overlooked. 


Why choose the NHS Staff Council training?

The benefits of choosing NHS Staff Council training, rather than training from other providers, for your organisation are set out below:

  • It is the only training that is NHS Staff Council endorsed
  • Its trainers receive ongoing support and development updates, including on the work of NHS Staff Council and the job evaluation group.
  • Training courses are guaranteed to be delivered in partnership.
  • The training materials are regularly updated in line with changes in the NHS.
  • All trainers give a commitment to uphold the integrity of the NHS job evaluation scheme. 

NHS Staff Council accredited training courses include modules on:

  • the principles of equal pay
  • how to avoid bias
  • the building blocks of the job evaluation scheme
  • the importance of consistency checking in job evaluation
  • the importance of partnership working.


Job Evaluation training update

Since March 2020, all physical training has been postponed as a result of the pandemic.

The Job Evaluation Group (JEG) has been developing a virtual training offer.

The virtual training offer will be the primary mode of delivery for all Job Evaluation courses until further notice. The Job Evaluation Group are in the process of reinstating seasonal face-to-face training options in the near future.

Virtual courses will be available in the following order.



Booking Options

Virtual job matching training


Available now

Commision a course

Book onto a centralised course

Virtual consistency checking training


Available now

Commision a course

Book onto a centralised course

Virtual job analysis and job evaluation training


Available from September 2022

Waiting list*

Refresher courses


Job Matching refresher – Available from September 2022

Consistency checking refresher -  Available in 2023

JAJE refresher - Available in 2023

Waiting list

*Booking priority will be given to those who are on a waiting list. Once this has been cleared, requests will be processed within a 30-day window.


The training courses are designed to be completed chronologically, as set out below.