Assess your system's integrated culture

A benchmarking tool to help you understand and assess your organisation's culture and move towards a culture of integration.

26 March 2024

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In partnership with Skills for Care, we have developed a benchmarking tool to help health and care systems audit their organisations when working towards building an integrated culture. 

Building an integrated workforce gives opportunities for health and care employees and the population they support. It's crucial to address culture change from the start to create a culture and workforce that prioritise integration and leaders need to work together to put people at the center of care. 

The tool encourages organisations to think about their approach across the six ways to create a culture for integration, developed to help systems understand how they can create an environment where integrated working can thrive.   

The tool has been developed through work on systems planning and integrated working. It has involved engagement with partners including Skills for Care and Partners in Care and Health, a partnership of the Local Government Association (LGA) and ADASS.

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