2023 pay and TCS advisory notice

Pay and terms and conditions advisory notices during 2023 for staff employed under the NHS terms and conditions of service.

6 February 2023

NHS Terms and Conditions of Service (TCS) Advisory Notice 01/2023

This notice advises of the publication of version 49 of the NHS terms and conditions of service handbook. The list of amendments are detailed below:


Is the section new or amended?

Section / annex of the handbook

Key amendments


Sections 1-6

Annex 10: Local recruitment and retention premia

Grammatical changes applied following a review of sections 1- 6 and annex 10.


Section 5: Recruitment and retention premia

Amendments made to provide clarity about the continuation of RRPs on promotion.


Section 13: Annual leave and general public holidays

Amendment to paragraph 13.1 to include the additional annual leave


Section 14: Sickness absence (Wales)


Amendments to paragraph 14.4 scale of sickness absence allowances.


Section 15: Leave and pay for new parents (England, Wales and Scotland)


Amendments to paragraph 15.106 to remove “vii) absence on maternity leave, adoption leave, or shared parental leave (paid or unpaid) as provided for under this agreement” and provide clarity on continuous service.


Section 17: Reimbursement of travel costs

Annex 12: Motoring costs


Amendments to Section 17 and annex 12 following the latest mileage reimbursement review in November 2022 which resulted in an automatic change to the reimbursement rates.