OD Essentials

Learn about organisational development (OD) models and strategies, and how to lead change in your organisation with our online course.

26 May 2022

This free online course, OD Essentials, is designed for HR professionals, learning and development staff, and anyone interested in finding out about OD in the NHS.

The course will be useful to chief executives, board level staff, and anyone involved in leading or shaping change.

What the course covers

During the course you will:

  • explore the origins of OD
  • understand essential elements of OD theory and research
  • learn the definitions and applications of OD in practice
  • discover the role of OD in enhancing the effectiveness of systems through interventions that improve people’s ability to achieve shared goals
  • understand the importance of the self in OD practice, and the impact of OD on the quality and safety of patient care.
  • OD Essentials is a five week course, with approximately six hours of learning required per week. Previous cohorts fed back that this is quite a significant time commitment and many fell behind with their learning (mainly due to demands of the pandemic but also trying to balance study with day to day work commitments). The course requires you to give examples of how you can use your learning in your role, or examples of what you have already done so is not suitable for people not currently working in OD.  

    We do ask that you only apply if you can dedicate the time to the study. The next cohort will start on Monday 8 August and run for five weeks. Study hours will be done in your own time- there are no specific times (apart from the virtual sessions which aren’t compulsory) that you need to be free. We will then run new cohorts of learners every two months.

    Applications for the August cohort are now open. To apply, fill in this form. 

    We have been working on the course and the learning methodology to ensure we support you as much as possible during your cohort to keep you up to date with your learning. We hold two optional virtual meetings for learners so you can build relationships with others on your cohort and ask questions/offer support to each other. The virtual sessions for the August cohort will be held on Thursday 11 August 11am-12pm and Monday 5 September 11am-12pm via Microsoft Teams. 

  • If you are unable to commit to the full five week course, or are not currently working in OD in NHS or health and care, our Essential Elements course is now open for enrolments.

    Essential Elements will give you an introduction to OD and help you to both discover organisational development models and strategies, as well as develop your OD skills to boost performance and improve culture.

    Register for the Essential Elements course. The course lasts for three weeks from the date you enroll and requires around two hours per week of study.