Guidance for the NHS workforce community on managing COVID-19.
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This section provides information to help workforce leaders and their teams in the health system to continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This page brings together, in one place, any nationally agreed temporary workforce guidance and relevant resources. It also provides signposts to relevant government guidance.

NHS staff terms and conditions

The following COVID-19 workforce guidance has been developed by the Department of Health and Social Care and is hosted by NHS Employers. This is guidance continues to be under review.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, it has not been possible to follow the usual processes of co-production with our trade union partners. However, the NHS Staff Council Executive has provided input and will be involved in the development of further updates.

The aim of this section is to ensure that the operation of national terms and conditions reflect the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and the reliance on our NHS staff at this difficult time. 

The overriding principle is that all steps should be taken to ensure staff do not feel forced to work if they become unwell and that they are given as much flexibility as is possible, as far as circumstances allow, to help them maintain their health and wellbeing so that they are able to continue to use their skills and experience for patients in the fight against COVID-19.

This guidance applies to NHS organisations; to outsourced services and to NHS services commissioned from non-NHS organisations. Where the guidance specifically refers to national contracts, it applies to those staff covered by national contracts.

NHS England and Improvement has issued FAQs for subcontractor staff who need to self-isolate or become unwell due to COVID-19.

Primary care workforce

Please send any primary care enquiries to