Changes to the job evaluation handbook

Factor 2 (knowledge, training and experience) of the handbook has been updated and includes new guidance.

1 February 2024

The Job Evaluation Group (JEG) has completed a full review of the factor 2 guidance – knowledge, training and experience (KTE), which is in chapter 5 of the job evaluation (JE) handbook.

The KTE section has been rewritten to ensure consistency of definition and clarity in language across the full breadth of information provided. The information has been reorganised into a clear table format to improve accessibility and clarity.

It is important to highlight that the level descriptions have not changed.  This revision is designed to better clarify the current information.

Additional guidance

In addition to the section rewrite, JEG has produced two additional guidance documents. 

The first guidance document is for panels to use as a source of information to help assess KTE requirements. 

This guidance can be used in tandem with the second, an additional guidance on the KTE factor, which details how knowledge is attained and the training required to sit within the parameters of each factor level.

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