Get ready for the 2024 TRS roll out

Make sure your staff benefits information is updated and ready to be included in the 2024 Total Reward Statements (TRS) roll out.

4 June 2024

The deadline to submit your pensions year end data to NHS Business Service Authority is 14 June 2024.

The deadline to update your local benefits page for the 2024 rollout is 31 July 2024.

TRS provides NHS organisations with the opportunity to communicate their reward and benefits package to staff and raise awareness of local offers available to their employees. 

Keeping this information up to date is important as it can help with workforce priorities such as recruitment and retention. It provides employees with a personalised summary of their total reward package (the benefits that come with working for your organisation and the NHS) including pension benefits and salary, all in one place

The new statements for 2023/24 will be released in August 2024.

Preparing for the Total Reward Statements - what you need to do

  • Correct any data errors.
  • Update your local benefits page.
  • Check your contact details are correct.
  • Use the employer to do list and communications pack to prepare for the roll out.
  • Remind staff to save their existing statements.  

Further information about what you need to do is available on our Total Reward Statements web pages.