Immigration Salary List now available

The Immigration Salary List is now available replacing the Shortage Occupation List.

5 April 2024

The new Immigration Salary List (ISL) has been published by the Home Office, providing a list of jobs that are on the ISL in each area of the UK for the Skilled Worker Visa and the Health and Care Visa. 

If a job is on the list the minimum salary is 80 per cent of the route’s usual minimum rate to qualify for a Skilled Worker or Health and Care Worker Visa

For those on a Skilled Worker Visa, roles on the ISL can be paid £30,960 or the job’s standard going rate, whichever is higher.

For those on a Health and Care Visa, roles on the ISL can be paid £23,200 per year or the job’s lower going rate, whichever is higher.

The ISL details both the standard and lower rates. Depending on an individual's certificate of sponsorship or occupation they will only be eligible for one rate. The ISL uses the SOC 2020 coding, rather than the SOC 2010 coding list. 

Four eligible occupation codes under the Health and Care Visa are also on the ISL. These occupations can meet the 'lower rate' within the salary thresholds. These are: 

  • 3111 - laboratory technicians
  • 3212 - pharmaceutical technicians
  • 6135 - care workers and home carers
  • 6136 - senior care workers.

The full ISL is available on GOV.UK.