Launch of the new NHS pay education hub

Our new pay education hub has been designed to support employers' understanding around the pay journey in the NHS and how it has evolved over time.

14 March 2024

Our new NHS pay education hub has been developed to help employers increase their knowledge and understanding of pay in the NHS.

We know through conversations with employers that it can be a challenge to understand what has happened to pay in the NHS in the last decade, if you've not lived through the changes to it .

View our new pay education hub.

This is just the first part of our support offer to employers around pay education. We are in the process of developing a suite of resources to support you with communicating, promoting and educating your staff about the total value of the NHS employment package. This includes pay, terms and conditions and wider benefits on offer to staff who work in the NHS.  

There is a strong prominence on recruitment and retention in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan. Everything employers can do to help support staff to stay working for the NHS, as well as attract new staff into the NHS will help to achieve this. We know that pay isn’t the only factor that affects an individuals decision to work in the NHS, and it is important that staff work in a supportive environment, in an organisation that has a positive working culture. These resources are coming soon and we will share details as soon as they are live and ready for you to use.  

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We really value your feedback so please share your views on the hub. If there is any information you would like to see, or if anything needs further clarification, then please do get it touch.