Become an NHS Ambassador

NHS staff can volunteer from as little as one hour of their time per year to help raise awareness of NHS careers in schools and colleges.

9 February 2024

Staff can volunteer as little as one hour of their time a year to connect with schools and colleges by taking part in careers fairs, career networking events or lunchtime talks to young people. These events can be either virtual or in-person and are the perfect opportunity to raise the profile of the 350+ NHS careers. 

Becoming an NHS Ambassador also serves as an excellent development opportunity for staff, improving employee confidence in speaking to young people as well as offering staff the chance to engage with their local communities. 

This has led to more than 400,000 students having received guidance on how to start a career in the NHS, providing them with advice and tailored support. 

By staff engaging directly with young people they can have an impact on building an interest in the many different roles and professions in healthcare, ensuring the NHS represents the communities it serves and being integral in supporting those first steps in developing a talent pool for the future workforce. 

To find out more about being an NHS Ambassador and to register your interest, please sign-up through the Inspiring the Future website