Do OD webinar programme 2024

This programme is designed to empower health and care professionals by providing insights, methodologies, and perspectives related to OD.

18 April 2024

Our webinar programme for members of the Do OD community will be held throughout 2024, and consists of six sessions from experts in the field and members of the community.

Our applied practice webinars are a platform for speakers to present different perspectives on OD concepts. These sessions aim to bridge the gap between theory and real-life implementation of OD methodologies. You'll hear about specific projects and initiatives that have made a tangible impact within NHS organisations.

The showcase webinars allow members of our community to demonstrate the programmes and processes they have developed within their own organisations, and to talk about what they’ve learned, what has worked well, and what hasn’t. In these sessions, you'll hear from colleagues who are likely facing similar challenges within their trusts, and will get an opportunity to celebrate successes and share valuable tips. 

Why attend?

  • Learn from others' journeys.
  • Gain fresh ideas and perspectives from industry experts and peers.
  • Connect with colleagues.
  • Expand your OD knowledge. 
  • Discover actionable insights you can adapt to your own context.

Who should attend?

OD practitioners, HR professionals, and managers working in the health and care sector and who are interested in learning from real-world OD success stories and seeking to deepen their understanding of OD concepts and methodologies.

This series is funded by NHS England, as part of its commitment to supporting and developing the people profession as outlined in the future of NHS HR and OD report.

Click on the accordions below for registration details. We will update these over the course of the year. 

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