Flexible working options to support staff expenditure

Employers can support staff with the rising cost living by offering flexible working options.

3 May 2022

Working differently and flexibly could help staff manage and reduce some expenditure costs as well as enhance work-life balance.

Below are some examples that employers can put in place to support staff to work flexibly:  

  • Look at whether work can be organised differently.
  • Support agile working.
  • Support staff to access flexible working arrangements as they move roles or are promoted.
  • Know what works well in your organisation and can be scaled up in other teams - flexible working ambassadors can champion flexible working across your organisation to help spread learning and encourage.

There are resources with more detailed examples to help you: flexible working – enablers for change and our guide to flexible working requests flowchart. These have been created to support employers to embed flexible working into their organisations.

Our new improving retention guide can further support line managers and employers consider the key areas including helpful information on flexible working which affects workforce retention.