The power of the team

Sharing learning from our 2024 Do OD annual conference; focusing on the potential of teams and the importance of connectivity.

11 June 2024

At our 2024 Do OD annual conference we delved into the heart of OD, putting a spotlight on the ever evolving topic of team dynamics. On this web page we share presentations and video highlights from our expert speakers and session leads containing ideas you can use in your own OD practice, and to benefit your organisation.

Teams are currently being asked to do more than ever, and they are experiencing challenges within their relationships, identity and purpose. This year, we focused on the potential of the team, and how that can be harnessed to achieve organisational goals and foster a positive workplace culture. With our speakers and session leads we delved into the dynamics of teams within systems and beyond, looking at how they function as essential components within the larger system frameworks.

Do OD Conference - speaker

On Tuesday 14 May, our conference started with a panel session looking at how we can build NHS teams for the future. John Herring, director of organisational development and culture at NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, talked about how we need to influence beyond our usual spaces, be bold and be part of the conversation around how our services are created; Tally Kandola from NHS England spoke about professional development plans; and finally Paul Crampton from Hull York Medical School and Mary Costello from the GMC shared their newly-released research on team culture. There were some interesting discussions around the art of OD and raging against the machine to be heard in challenging environments. 

John Herring

Bruce Daisley opened the afternoon sessions with a discussion around finding fortitude, how having a best friend at work is one of the biggest predictors of engagement at work, and how when applying OD in the workplace small change can lead to big change. 

Bruce Daisley

Our final keynote session was a lively and inspirational talk from Anita Asante, former England Lioness and Olympian. Anita shared her experiences of team working, finding strength in difficult times, how playing in an open, inclusive and positive space shaped her as a person and applying her learning to support the next generation of players. 

Anita Asante

There were also ten breakout sessions, including explorations of how our psychological biases relate to team working, how we can better understand the dynamics influencing difficult teams and how inclusive leadership leads to better outcomes for all. Interactive sessions also focused on developing our collective wisdom and exploring team tools from Affina OD and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Inclusive and Compassionate Leadership: creating an anti-racist culture through OD

    Dr Thanda Mhlanga, Associate Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

    Building NHS teams for the future

    Tally Kandola, Head of Professional Development – People Profession, NHS England.

    John Herring, Director of Organisational Development and Culture, NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care.

    Mary Costello, Principal Insight Manager, GMC; and Paul Crampton, Director of the Health Professions Education Unit, Hull York Medical School.

    Enhancing Team Effectiveness Through Assessment and Development: Analysis of 1000+ team assessments

    Dr Pascale Daher and Rob Booth, Affina OD

    Finding Fortitude: Rethinking resilience for teams and leaders

    Bruce Daisley

    Supporting teams: Utilising our collective wisdom

    Jamie Parker, Organisational Development Lead, NHS Blood and Transplant

    Serious decisions have serious consequences: working with biases

    Louise Wheeler, Leadership and Development Consultant, NHS Confederation

    Diving deeper: Unveiling the undercurrents of NHS team dynamics

    Nicole Williams, Chartered Occupational and Coaching Psychologist

    Empowering teams to succeed

    Louisa Graham, Deputy Chief People Officer, Lee Hunt BA, MBA, Organisational Development Practitioner (TED Lead)

    Samantha Kenny, Head of Organisational Development Programmes, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS FT


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