Promoting the SAS advocate role

Read our joint statement with the BMA to encourage employers to promote the SAS advocate role.

28 July 2022

NHS Employers and the British Medical Association (BMA) discussed at the joint negotiating committee for specialty and specialist doctors (JNC) (SAS), the benefits of NHS organisations appointing a SAS advocate.

Read our joint statement

Our shared intention is to encourage all NHS organisations to appoint the role of a SAS advocate. SAS doctors are permanent, important staff members and it is crucial that we do everything within our power to tackle the challenges of SAS doctors.

With the agreement and implementation of the 2021 SAS contracts, we aim to promote a high standard of health and wellbeing amongst SAS doctors and tackle any issues of bullying and harassment being experienced across the workforce. The role of a SAS advocate is key in maintaining a strong level of engagement and collaboration amongst SAS staff which provides mutual benefit for all, including the employing NHS organisations. Giving SAS doctors access to an advocate shows the employer’s commitment to improving their experience and will allow the sharing of good practice across the organisation and potentially across different organisations. 

It is an additional role for an existing employee and is not intended to replace existing support for SAS doctors. The role will help to build the SAS network, contribute to their recruitment and retention and will lead to positive changes to the life of a SAS doctor. 

We encourage all employing NHS organisations to allocate adequate PAs to SAS advocates to allow them to deliver their duties. It is important that appointees are provided with the necessary support to execute their advocacy role. We strongly support the SAS advocate post and are committed to working together to address any issues associated with their appointment. 

SAS advocate role