Senior OD Professional Development Programme

Learn more about our programme of professional development for those working in senior OD roles in the NHS.

13 March 2024

Our Senior OD Professional Development Programme is intended for senior OD leaders. Watch this space for the application form as we plan to host the third cohort in summer 2024.

The programme, which consists of four online workshops over the year, encourages senior OD professionals to hone their skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours to better operate in their roles. 

It is funded by NHS England, as part of their commitment to supporting and developing the people profession as outlined in the future of NHS HR and OD report.

It is led by Chris Lake and Caroline Stearman of Integrated Development, and draws on the expertise of senior NHS colleagues and partners in the field of OD.

The programme

The programme is based around four sessions focusing on key principles outlined below:

  • Looking up explores how we can encourage the Board to use all that OD has to offer, our asks for influence and developing professional credibility.
  • Looking out focuses on working across and beyond organisational boundaries, local demands, system-thinking and improve our political skills and influence.
  • Looking down is about managing a team of OD professionals, understanding and responding to calls for leadership, and becoming skilled mentors.
  • Looking in is about how OD professionals can rise to meet challenges, become an instrument of change, and develop personal insight and resilience to match.

How to apply

The next cohort will take place in the summer of 2024, so please watch this space for the application form.

    • Increased capability and confidence of senior OD practitioners to lead their departments, and add value to their organisations and system partners.
    • Helping the cohort to become adept at operating beyond the boundaries of their own organisation with greater political skills and influence in local, regional and national OD practice.
    • The development of enhanced practice in OD in the NHS through sharing insight and expertise across a senior, experienced group.
    • Improved wellbeing and personal resilience of senior OD practitioners
    • A stronger and more consistent OD ‘voice’ in the health system from the promotion of OD capability across the NHS.


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